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Auto-adaptive digital-circuits - Application to low-power Multicores and ultra-low power Wireless Sensor Nodes

12 PM
Webinar - Online
Abira Sengupta – abira.sengupta@ieee.org

Abstract: Today's sources of variations are affecting a lot circuits' energy efficiency: this talk will bring innovative technological, circuit and architectural techniques for efficient automatic performance regulation. Given the numerous sources of variations encountered by today's integrated systems, it becomes very challenging to implement highly energy efficient circuits. Whether the variations are in the process, in the application needs or in the environmental characteristics, the common solution is adaptation. This talk is exploring automatic adaptation techniques at architectural, circuit and technological levels applied to MPSoCs as well as autonomous Wireless Sensor Nodes.


Bio: Edith Beigné joined CEA-LETI, Grenoble, France, in 1998. Since 2017, she is the scientific director of the circuit design division. Since 2009, she is a senior scientist in the digital and mixed-signal design lab where she researches low power and adaptive circuit techniques, exploiting asynchronous design and advanced technology nodes like FDSOI 28nm and 14nm for many different applications from high performance MPSoC to ultra-low power IoT applications. She is part of ISSCC TPC since 2014 and part of VLSI'symposium since 2015. She is a distinguished Lecturer for SSCS for 2016 and 2017.