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Commemorative Lecturers for Transistor 75th Anniversary

Solid-State Circuits Society (SSCS) and Electron Devices Society (EDS) are partnering together to offer a multitude of programs to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the transistor invention.  A set of outstanding SSCS and EDS Commemorative Lecturers have been invited to cover a broad range of exciting topics ranging from the evolution of the transistor to its applications and impact on society.  

They are available till the end of 2023 for your SSCS or EDS chapter to invite for in-person seminars or virtual webinars.  The list of SSCS Commemorative Lecturers are found here. The list of EDS lecturers can be found here


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SSCS Webinars for Young Excellence

Boosting Your Research and Learning Experiences: Sharing from SSCS Award Winners

Virtual Webinar presented by Prof. Behzad Razavi and Prof. Azad Naeemi

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Join us on Wednesday, January 25th 10:00 AM EST.

Learning and researching are two key tasks for graduate and undergraduate students. For junior graduate students, acquiring a good habit and concept of learning and researching can sow the seeds of the future and pave the way to success in their careers. While for undergraduate students, research is a learning activity that can enrich a student’s vision of making plans for their following stages. In this webinar, we will invite two renowned professors in the SSCS, Prof. Behzad Razavi and Prof. Azad J. Naeemi, who recently received the IEEE SSCS Innovative Education Award and James D. Meindl Innovators Award, to share their visions in boosting the learning and research experiences. After their sharing, they will also take the audience's questions.

Technology Spotlight

SSCS February Technical Webinar

The Race for Effciency in Short Reach Wireline

Virtual Webinar presented by David Tonietto

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Join us on Thursday, February 9th at 11:00 AM EST.

Information explosion and its exponentially increasing demands on data traffic and processing are pushing a rapid and diverse evolution in short reach wireline interconnect technologies. In the background of this race, CMOS technology is not providing the usual node over node boost in performance to help SerDes designers cope with higher bandwidth and data rates. Breakthroughs in high speed electrical interconnect and new approaches in optical interconnect, such SiPho, NPO (near package optics) and CPO (co-packaged optics) promise improved performance, energy efficiency and density. How are these new technologies going to address the ever more complex energy efficiency and density problems facing our industry?

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