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An Organic-Photoconductive-Film CMOS Image Sensor’s Advanced Technologies - Presented by Kazuko Nishimura


Registration is now open! This webinar will be presented LIVE on Friday, May 21st at 9 AM ET.

Click here to register.

Abstract: We have developed a CMOS image sensor with an organic photoconductive film (OPF) laminated on pixel circuits, different from those of a conventional silicon image sensors, in which the organic thin film for photoelectric conversion and the charge storage part for signal charge accumulation are completely independent. In this presentation, we focus on the advantageous features of the OPF image sensor; [1] technology that realizes over 120 dB simultaneous-capture wide dynamic range; [2] global shutter technology achieving high saturation signals per unit square that is 10 dB higher than that of silicon image sensors with the global shutter function, without sacrificing pixel area; [3] RGB-NIR sensor technology capable of controlling NIR sensitivity by simply controlling the voltage applied to the OPF. Moreover, we introduce about 8K4K high resolution sensor technologies with 60fps high frame rate, 450ke- high saturation signals, and the global shutter function at the same time. We believe these features of the OPF image sensor will contribute to leaps in the imaging and sensing fields.

Bio: Kazuko Nishimura received the B.E. degree in mechanical engineering from Osaka University, and joined Panasonic Corporation where she engaged in high-speed analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) in 1995. She developed optical communication systems for fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), RF tuners and CMOS image sensors. Currently, she is a manager in Technology Division (R&D Division), Panasonic Corporation and pursues research on the organic photoconductive film (OPF) CMOS image sensors and sensor applications. She serves A-SSCC data converter subcommittee chair and ISSCC Imagers, Medical, MEMS and Displays subcommittee, IEEE SSCS distinguished Lecturer, and the SSCS Adcom. She is a senior member of IEEE.

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SSCS Webinars for Young Excellence Presents - "Choosing the Next Big Thing" with Panelists Alison Burdett, Alicia Klinefelter, and Tom Lee 


The IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society Webinars for Young Excellence Presents "Choosing the Next Big Thing" with Panelists Alison Burdett, Alicia Klinefelter, and Tom Lee.

This webinar will be interview-style and will be presented LIVE.

The webinar will be held on Wednesday, May 19th at 11 AM ET. Click here to register.

Can't attend? This webinar will be available on-demand on the SSCS Resource Center and the SSCS Youtube channel for future viewing. 

Abstract: Change is the only inevitable in high tech. With non-stop revolutions disrupting the electronics industry at a frenetic pace, how do you adapt and position yourself toward a fruitful and engaging career? What should you explore given the slowdown in transistor scaling? How long will AI/ML continue to outshine sliced bread? Many promising opportunities surround us; to name a few, heterogeneous integration, system/technology co-optimization, hardware/software co-design, brain/machine interfaces, and autonomous driving. Which is the real game-changer and which is just hype? What can a circuit designer do to catch the right wave? In this webinar, a panel of outstanding experts attempts to address these questions. The panelists will probe into their crystal balls to offer perspectives, more valuable than stock picks, on the next big thing in the solid-state circuits arena and take audience questions.

Technology Spotlight

You're Invited: How to Navigate Academia and Industry in a Virtual World: Mentoring for Young Professionals 


Are you having a hard time finding a job in the new virtual world? Is remote work proving to be challenging to maintain the work-life balance? Have you always wanted to know whether an academic job is right for you? Do you need advice on navigating academia and industry in a virtual world?

Connect with society luminaries & ask your burning questions at the SSCS & IEEE Electron Devices Society joint virtual mentoring event at VLSI Symposia on June 12th & 17th. 

Register: https://conta.cc/3eWpbzZ.

As VLSI Symposium goes online in 2021, we are transforming our flagship event into an online event. The mentoring sessions will have breakout rooms/round tables with selected topics. Each breakout room/round tables will have 2-3 mentors with different backgrounds (technical and geographical). The session is intended to go as a casual Q&A.

Mentees will have the opportunity to attend breakout sessions. Mentoring topics include (subject to change): Mentoring and Networking in the Virtual World, The New Work / Life Balance, The How-to for Virtual Job Search, On the Way to Tenure, Becoming a Professor, How to Become a Leader, Career/Self Development, Communication Skills / Negotiation, A career in Industry / Startups

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