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THz and mm-wave circuit design in CMOS - Presented by Prof. Patrick Reynaert

Registration is now open! This webinar will be presented LIVE on Thursday, August 19th at 11:00 AM ET.

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Abstract: The need for more bandwidth has increased the interest in mm-wave and THz electronics for wireless communication. Supported by technology scaling, it became possible to use standard Silicon technologies. This resulted into entire mm-wave systems on a Silicon chip, with 77GHz automotive radar and 5G frontends as key examples. But these high frequencies also enable novel or yet-to-be-commercialized applications like THz imaging and sensing, and innovative communication links like dielectric waveguides for high-speed data transmission.

This webinar will discuss some of the key design techniques and methodologies to design mm-wave and THz circuits in standard Silicon technologies, including 40nm and 28nm Bulk and 16nm Finfet. Several examples operating at 77GHz and 140GHz will be discussed, but also more explorative circuits operating at 400GHz and 600GHz (above the fmax of the technology) will be presented. The focus will be on both the transistor-level approach to obtain the best possible performance from CMOS, as well as on some novel architectures and concepts to get Silicon to work beyond 500GHz.

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Attention: SSCS Student Members!


SSCS' governing body, it's Administrative Committee (AdCom), is planning to add a student representative for the first time in 2022.

The AdCom is responsible for setting new directions in publications, conferences, educational initiatives, and much more. SSCS leadership would like to include student perspectives and ideas more directly in creating new programming. The student representative on AdCom will participate in setting the direction of our field for years to come.  He/she will benefit via excellent networking and leadership experiences, working alongside international leaders in the circuits area.  We are seeking nominations (either self-nominations, or by faculty advisors) from highly enthusiastic student members who wish to share their ideas with SSCS leadership on an ongoing basis. 

Click here for more information on eligibility and how to apply. 

Technology Spotlight

IEEE Tech Talk Series: Acing the Industry Job Hunt - A Conversation with HR and Managers


Sponsored by IEEE Educational Activities and SSCS Young Professionals 

Wednesday, August 11th, 2021  at 11 AM ET


Panelists: Kimberly Hall, NXP; Edith Beigne, Facebook; Eric Naviasky, Blue Cheetah Analog; Matt Scott, MaLong Technologies

Abstract: Not sure about what it’s like to work in industry? What is the difference between a research and product team? Choosing between a tech giant vs. startup? Disappointed by not being noticed even after submitting a well-prepared resume? Wonder why your professional network isn't helping? Didn't get the job offer despite nailing the interview? Wonder if you asked inappropriate questions? What about if you should negotiate an offer and how? In this webinar, a panel of HR and technical leads from the industry will attempt to address your questions. The panelists will discuss the recruiting process, the interview process, the characteristics they are looking for, and even the “secret” sauce to stand out in an industry job search. Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to hear valuable insights, get actionable takeaways, and ask questions!

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