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Solid-State Circuits Directions: Think Impact with ICS

Quantum Computing and Technology Workshop

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May 4th and 5th, 2024

8:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM ET

SSCD presents a 2-day workshop on quantum computing and technology to bridge the gap between the physics community and electrical engineering. Various topics will conclude with simple hands-on algorithm experiments with an actual quantum computer on cloud.

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SSCS Reviewer Rewards!

SSCS would like to congratulate the winners of the inaugural Reviewer Rewards Program! Below are the winners, who completed 11 or more reviews across all SSCS journals in the year 2023.

Makoto Takamiya – top reviewer

Yuan Gao – top reviewer

Mo Huang – top reviewer

Pieter Harpe

Teerachot Siriburanon

Seong-Jin Kim

Jun Yin

Sai-Weng Sin

Bongjin Kim

Wanghua Wu

Inhee Lee

Ankesh Jain

Cheng Huang

Ke-Horng Chen

Shouyi Yin

Dixian Zhao

Hao Gao

Yong Chen

Wei-Zen Chen

Minglei Zhang

Jae-sun Seo

Patrick Mercier

Tony Kim

Tetsuya Iizuka

Jaehyouk Choi

Chi-hang Chan

Chixiao Chen

Technology Spotlight

SSCS May Technical Webinar

Analog Interface Circuits for Electro-Chemical and Molecular Sensing

Virtual Webinar presented by Carolina Mora Lopez

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Join us on Friday, May 24th at 10 AM ET

Accurate measurement of certain chemicals and biological substances is essential for health care and biomanufacturing. Electrochemical sensing methods are particularly useful for this purpose because they are cost-effective, can be made very small, and provide real-time data. Technologies such as pH and ion-sensitive sensors that are integrated into standard CMOS platforms (the technology used for constructing integrated circuits) have shown to be effective. For instance, large arrays of Ion-Sensitive Field-Effect Transistors (ISFET) have been instrumental in DNA sequencing. Looking ahead to advanced DNA sequencing and protein studies, innovative techniques involving nanopores are being developed for efficient, high-throughput sensing of molecules. This presentation will explore the basic principles of electrochemical sensing, with a special focus on the design of the analog circuits involved. It will provide an overview of the latest circuit design methods used in ISFET-based sensors and will conclude by discussing specific challenges in designing circuits for nanopore-based molecular sensing.