Women in Circuits

 Dear Women in Circuits (WiC) Community,

First of all, we would like to thank Alice Wang for doing an amazing job leading the Women in Circuits community.  Alice’s leadership has significantly increased diversity in TPCs and conference leadership across all SSCS conferences, including increased representation in SSCS AdCom.  Congratulations Alice for all the impact you have made to SSCS!

As we move forward into 2022-2023, Kathy Wilcox and I will take the reigns as per Alice’s request and hope we can continue the work that Alice has done so successfully.  I’d like to take this opportunity to request your help in this endeavor. We have many opportunities open and would like you all to sign up for at least one item in the WiC volunteer survey form posted here.

We are starting to plan out the 2022-2023 year and have already made a start on our main event at ISSCC.  I am pleased to announce that Dr. Alicia Klinefelter has agreed to Chair the ISSCC 2023 Women in Circuits Workshop which will be focusing on a technical theme where we will invite senior technical female role models to present their work.  Dr. Deeksha Lal will be assisting Alicia as Co-Chair.  If you are interested in helping Alicia and Deeksha, please sign up on the volunteer sheet. 

In addition to the above, I am pleased to announce that Dr. Zeynep Toprak Deniz has agreed to serve a two-year term as SSCS WiC representative to IEEE Women in Engineering.  Zeynep will also continue to be WiC lead for our joint YP + WiC Mentoring Events as SSCS conferences for 2022-2023.

On the publications side, I am pleased to announce that Dr. Jane Gu has agreed to continue her term as Guest Editor for the Women in Circuits SSCS Magazine issue that comes out in Fall.

Vanessa Chen and Samira Zali Asl have been doing a great job with the joint YP + WiC + EDS event planning at VLSI 2022 and we look forward to a great event in June. Vanessa will also be moderating the YP + WiC Career Panel at CICC 2022. Thank you Vanessa and Samira!  Additional thanks to Jane Gu for leading the WiC efforts at CICC 2022.

In 2022 we will be planning some additional career/professional development events so please send us your suggestions on topics you would like to see at these events.

We will have a meeting in early April to report out to the WiC Committee on where we are at with all our events and planning.  At this moment, please take 5 minutes to volunteer in the areas of Diversity, Conference Mothering & Childcare, A-SSCC, VLSI, ESSCIRC, ISSCC, and CICC, and help us out.   

Thank you and we look forward to increasing our impact in the society and the industry.

Farhana & Kathy

SSCS Women in Circuits Chair and Vice Chair