SSCS Offers Two Kinds of Chapter Subsidies

    1. Annual stipends for chapter maintenance
    2. Emerging Economies Membership Subsidy Program (EEMSP) offering dues assistance by SSCS

SSCS single chapters are eligible for up to $2,000 a year to subsidize chapter maintenance costs and/or activities.

SSCS Joint Chapters are eligible for up to $1,000 a year to subsidize chapter maintenance costs and/or activities.

2024 Chapter Subsidies Applications

Applications for 2024 Chapter Subsidies are now closed. The deadline for applications was December 1, 2023.

SSCS Emerging Economies Membership Subsidy Program (EEMSP)

This program supplements the minimum-income provision of IEEE’s Special Circumstances for Reduced IEEE Membership Dues. SSCS will pay the remaining 50% of the IEEE and SSCS dues for one year for new and renewing members who qualify for the minimum-income provision, including those who are unemployed.

SSCS will cover up to six (6) members in Joint Chapters per year and up to twelve (12) members in Single Chapters. Although the IEEE minimum-income provision allows individuals to purchase optional publications at a reduced rate, the SSCS EEMSP does not cover the payment of publication subscriptions.

How to Apply

If a Chapter has individuals who qualify for the IEEE minimum-income provision and the SSCS EEMSP, these individuals need to go to the IEEE website and create a member profile if they do not already have one. Once a profile is created, a customer/member number will be generated. New and renewing members should then go through the process of joining/renewing IEEE and SSCS, but should not check out.

Once all memberships are in the members’ respective carts, the Chapter Chair should send the list of individuals’ names, email addresses and customer/member numbers to SSCS Administrator Ashley Seda. Once received, Ashley will take care of obtaining/renewing the memberships for the individuals.