Governance SSCS AdCom

The next AdCom meeting is scheduled for September 2024 at ESSERC.

The Administrative Committee (AdCom) is the governing body of the Solid-State Circuits Society. AdCom members oversee conferences, publications, educational projects, chapters, finances and other activities relevant to the Society’s scope.

Elected AdCom members serve three-year terms, which are staggered so there are always some experienced and some new members. Candidates may be nominated by a Petition Process .

The AdCom meets at least twice a year and is governed by the IEEE SSCS Constitution and Bylaws.

AdCom Officers for 2024

Name Email Officer Role
Bill Bowhill President
Daniel Friedman Vice President
Brian Floyd Secretary
Kathy Wilcox Treasurer
John Long Past President/Nominations Chair


to Dec 2024 to Dec 2025 to Dec 2026
Danielle Griffith
Alicia Klinefelter
Jung-Hwan Choi
Chulwoo Kim
Chris Mangelsdorf
Nadine Collaert
Woogeun Rhee
Makoto Takamiya
Pieter Harpe
Farhana Sheikh
Carlos Tokunaga
Tim Piessens
Yusuke Oike
Zeynep Toprak Deniz
Rabia Yazicigil

AdCom Members for 2024

Makoto Ikeda, Vice President of Membership
Ali Sheikholeslami, Vice President of Education
Alessandro Piovaccari, Vice President of Conferences
Shanthi Pavan, Vice President of Publications
Manuel Delgado-Restituto, CASS Representative to SSCS
Woogeun Rhee, Region 10 Rep.
Bram Nauta, Region 8 Rep.
Waleed Khalil, Associate VP of Publications
Trudy Stetzler, Associate VP of Conferences
Vacant, Associate VP of Membership Vacant, Associate VP of Education Vacant, Student Rep.
Vivek Tiwari, EDA Council Rep.
Dan McGrath, Sensors Council Rep.
Bruce Hecht, Biometrics Council Rep.
Junghwan Choi, Rebooting Computing Initiative Rep.
Michael Mulligan, IoT Rep.
Emre Ayranci, Future Networks Initiative Rep.
Rikky Muller, Brain Initiative Rep.
Milin Zhang, Brain Initiative Rep.
Azad Naeemi, Nanotechnology Council Rep./ JxCDC EiC
Dennis Sylvester, JSSC EiC
Leo Belostotski, SSC Magazine EiC
Pui-In Mak, SSC-L EiC
Woogeun Rhee, OJ-SSCS EiC
Boris Murmann, Solid-State Circuits Direcitons Chair
Eugenio Cantatore, ISSCC Rep.
Rakesh Kumar, Magazine Advisory Board Chair
Michiel Steyart, ESSERC Rep.
Stephen Kosonocky, VLSI Rep.
Hoi-Jun Yoo, A-SSCC Rep.
Christophe Antoine, CICC Rep.
Alvin Loke, Chapters Chair
Hideto Hidaka, Fellows Commitee Chair
John Corcoran, Awards Chair
Naveen Verma, Distinguished Lecture Chair
Filip Tavernier, Webinar Program Chair
Pieter Harpe, CONFedu Chair
Antonio Liscidini, Design Contest Program Chair
Korkut Kaan Tokgoz, Young Professionals Rep.
Zeynep Toprak Deniz, Women in Circuits Chair
Farhana Sheikh, Women in Circuits Vice Chair
Rabia Kirby, Council on RFID Rep.
Aishwarya Natarajan, WIE Rep

SSCS Organizational Chart 2024

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(Updated February 2024)