DL Nomination & Selection Guidelines

Nomination Guidelines for SSCS Distinguished Lecturers

In the Fall of every year, the DL Program Chair will ask AdCom members, Chapter Chairs, and the present and past DL’s to nominate DL’s for a two-year term based on the following guidelines:

  1. The nominee must be a well-known member in the SSCS community through their quantity and quality of SSCS publications in recent years (5+ years). Must have served in the past 10 years as a member of the technical program committee for one or more of the SSCS-sponsored conferences or as an Associate Editor for the JSSC.
  2. The nominee must be an excellent speaker with great lecturing experience.
  3. The nominee can be a former DL (where previous term ended more than 3 years ago), but the priority will be given to first-time candidates.

*Self Nominations will NOT be accepted*

The nominator is asked to ensure the nominee satisfies the above nomination criteria before putting a name forward. To nominate someone, please click here to fill out a nomination form. No nominations via email will be accepted, all nominations must be entered through the form.

The deadline to email nominations is November 10th, 2023 at 11:59 PM ET.

Selection Guidelines for SSCS Distinguished Lecturers

  1. The DL Program Chair will circulate the list of nominees to the DL Program Committee (Education Committee) and ask members to score the nominees based on the nomination guidelines.
  2. The DL Program Chair will rank candidates based on their scores and send invitations to the top candidates in order to fill a minimum of 14 positions.
  3. If there are not enough candidates with acceptable scores, the DL Program Chair, in consultation with the DL Program Committee, may extend the terms of select DL’s for a year or invite previous DL’s (whose terms ended 3 or more years prior to the current year) to serve a new term. These DL’s must still satisfy the nomination criteria.
  4. To accommodate early-career prominent speakers and speakers bringing an industry perspective, the DL chair, in consultation with the DL Program Committee, may choose his/her discretion to invite such speakers to join the DL roster for a two-year term.
  5. The DL Program Committee attempts to have a fair distribution of DL’s in the three main regions (NA, EU, Asia) and in main technical areas (e.g. RF/Wireless, Wireline, Memory, Digital, Analog) while maintaining a fair balance between the number of DL’s from industry and academia.