Women in Circuits

Dear Women in Circuits (WiC) Community,

As we move into 2024-2025, I will take on the WiC Chair duties from Farhana Sheikh, knowing I stand on the shoulders of giants. Farhana generously and gracefully accepted to serve as the Co-Chair to get everything right from inception. Kathy Wilcox will join Alice Wang in an advisory role to guide us along the way. Aeisha VanBuskirk continues to be our representative from SSCS.

We look forward to continuing to build on our fantastic accomplishments, yet we can’t do this alone! I want to request your help in this endeavor. We have many opportunities open and would like you to sign up for at least one item in the WiC volunteer survey form posted here.

In 2024, in addition to increased diversity in Technical Program Committees and conference leadership across all SSCS conferences, WiC will have Farhana Sheikh, Kathy Wilcox, Danielle Griffith, Trudy Stetzler, Alicia Klinefelter, Rabia Kirby, Nadine Collaert, and me as 2024 AdCom members.

Plans for an amazing 2024 are shaping up, and there are many opportunities for anyone interested. As we have been expanding our programs and outreach across various geographical regions, I’m pleased to announce that Kazuko Nishimura has agreed to continue serving as WiC Japan Far-East lead in 2024; Viola Schaffer and Qinwen Fan will co-lead our events in Europe. With the help of this solid regional leadership, we look forward to recruiting more diverse members to SSCS, well-defined and well-executed local mentoring events, and proactive actions towards any specific needs of these regions that can improve diversity in the semiconductor field.

Along these lines, we also created a focal person for mentoring events organization and coordination. Zeynep Lulec will serve as the WiC Mentoring events chair, working closely with YP and EDS representatives and aiding all our mentoring programs in 2024.

We will continue with our formal representation in IEEE Women in Engineering; Aishwarya Natarajan will serve as the WiC representative for the 2024-2026 term. Alicia Klinefelter and Shalini Lal will continue to lead the gathering of statistics to drive our programs.

On the publications side, I am pleased to announce that Dr. Jane Gu has agreed to continue her editorial role for the SSCS Magazine and Editor for the Women in Circuits SSCS Magazine issue that comes out in the Fall. In addition, Shalini Lal will work alongside Aeisha VanBuskirk to enhance WiC publicity, communications, and social media footprint.

In 2024, we will offer additional career/professional development events co-led by Deeksha Lal and Awani Khodkumbhe. They are always looking for new and exciting topics; please send us your suggestions on topics you want to see at these events.

We are excited to announce that SSCS Women in Circuits will be providing childcare at our flagship conference, ISSCC, in February 2024 through KiddieCorp! This is a first for our society, and we look forward to a successful pilot program. For more information, please visit www.isscc.org/child-care-services. I am also pleased to announce that Preet Garcha and Ulkuhan Guler have agreed to co-chair the ISSCC 2024 Women in Circuits Rising Stars event, showcasing 24 exceptional engineers selected through a rigorous evaluation. The main event will accompany the Rising Stars diversity panel and sought-after Bingo networking events.

We are always open to more volunteers, exciting ideas, and initiatives to increase our impact on society and the industry. Please consider volunteering at ISSCC Family Care and Bingo events, A-SSCC, VLSI, ESSCIRC, and CICC, and help us out.

Thank you!

Zeynep & Farhana
SSCS Women in Circuits Chair and Vice Chair