IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits (JSSC)

Aims and Scope

The IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits publishes papers each month in the broad area of solid-state circuits with particular emphasis on transistor-level design of integrated circuits. It also provides coverage of topics such as circuit modeling, technology, systems design, layout, and testing that relate directly to IC design. Integrated circuits and VLSI are of principal interest; material related to discrete circuit design is seldom published. Experimental verification is strongly encouraged.

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Information for Authors

Introducing Overlength Page Charges

The Society Board has decided to implement overlength page charges to maintain the competitive and financial health of the Journal of Solid-State Circuits. The continued success of the Journal serves our technical community and keeps our flagship publication competitive within the IEEE family

Starting with papers submitted after October 1st, 2018, the SSCS will hence apply mandatory overlength page charges. This is irrespective of the page limits applied during submission, hence also applies to manuscripts that have obtained an exception for overlength submission. Charges are assessed when galley proofs are prepared, which is the last step before final publication in the Journal. Note that this could be slightly different from the formatting used by the authors during submission. If a manuscript exceeds ten pages in length, a mandatory overlength charge of $185 per page is applied beginning at the 11th page. The page will not include the last page of the paper if the last page consists only of reference and bios. Exceptions on this must be discussed with the Editor-in-Chief.

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Dennis Sylvester

Dennis Sylvester

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