How to Start a Chapter

Starting an SSCS Chapter

New-Chapter Petition

The IEEE Member and Geographic Activities Department formulated new rules effective 1 January 2012 for forming chapters and other kinds of groups.

View Formation Policies and Petitions

To start a new chapter, the organizer must:

  1. Inform the executive committee of the geographic parent — the IEEE Section — of his/her intent [to begin the chapter-formation petition process].
  2. Chapter petitions must be signed by 12 active IEEE members of Graduate Student Member grade or higher for a minimum of 6 months, who are members of the parent Society(ies) and Section(s) involved.
  3. Student Branch Chapter petitions must be signed by 6 active IEEE members of Student or Graduate Student Member grade who attend the school, and are members of the Society(ies) involved.
  4. Fill out the “business plan” on page 4 of the form with a description of meetings and activities planned for the first six months.
  5. On page 5, obtain the signature of a member of the executive committee of the geographic parent.
  6. Submit the petition/business plan as a file attachment to an email sent to petition -at- or fax or mail it to:

    Mail IEEE Member and Geographic Activities

    Geographic Unit Operations
    445 Hoes Lane
    Piscataway, NJ 08854-4141

    Phone: +1 732 562 5511
    Fax: +1 732 463 3657

First Steps After Chapter Approval

  • Organize a kick-off meeting featuring a Guest Distinguished Lecturer chosen from the Society’s DL roster. SSCS covers the cost of transportation and lodging for these speakers.
  • Use your Section newsletter and the SSCS Magazine to publicize your group.
  • Consider applying for an SSCS chapter subsidy: The Society gives up to $2,000 per year to subsidize the activities of single and new joint chapters, and up to $1,000 for established joint chapters. Further information about subsidies can be found here.

Redefining an Existing Chapter

An existing SSCS chapter may be redefined by Section leaders as a joint chapter. To add a society to a joint chapter, a letter requesting the change must be sent by the local section executive committee to the IEEE Regional Activities Office.