Solid-State Circuits Directions (SSCD)

About Solid-State Circuits Directions (SSCD)

The Solid-State Circuits Directions (SSCD) is a technical committee chaired by co-charis Payam Heydari and Kaushik Sengupta. Its charter is to promote forward-looking topics, improve our connection to developments at higher abstraction levels, and stimulate interactions with other communities. One of SSCD’s main activities will be member-driven technical workshops.

In addition, the committee is charged with the following:

  1. Enable the SSCS to respond to the ongoing rapid changes in its technical field and build bridges to other areas and Societies
  2. Stimulate the formation of new communities and venues that will help expand the SSCS’s technical scope
  3. Provide new leadership opportunities for young innovators
  4. Increase membership participation in the Society’s technical visioning.

Payam Heydari and Kaushik Sengupta can be reached at and and welcomes suggestions from all SSCS members for this exciting new initiative.