Upcoming Events

SSCS June Technical Webinar: From Rocks to Chips: What the History of the Transistor Says about the Future


Abstract: The discovery, then invention, of the transistor sits almost exactly midway between Ferdinand Braun's discovery of solid-state rectification in 1874 and the modern era of gigascale ICs. As with other epoch-shattering inventions, the story of the transistor isn't quite as neatly linear as some recountings might suggest. Very few EEs have ever heard of […]

SSCS July Technical Webinar: High Performance Fractional-N PLL Design and Its Application for 5G New Radio


Abstract: High performance fractional-N phase-locked loops (PLLs) are essential elements of any advanced electronic systems. In recent years, both analog and all-digital PLLs employing sampling or sub-sampling phase detector have gained popularity and demonstrated below 100-fs integrated jitter and superior figure-of-merit. This talk focuses on this PLL architecture and elaborates the advanced design techniques to […]

SSCS Webinars for Young Excellence: Digits of Doom, Presented By: Chris Mangelsdorf


Abstract: Nothing screams “noob” like the use of too many digits. For example, you report that your amp has 78.37dB of gain… and you’ve blown it! Now, everybody thinks you have no idea what you’re doing. Tragic! But all this can be prevented. Learning to use the right number of digits is easy. In this […]