Aims and Scope

The RFIC Virtual Journal aims to be the leading focal point on radio frequency integrated circuits from a worldwide perspective by collecting and disseminating knowledge on theory; enabling technologies, design methodologies, fabrication, testing of radio frequency integrated circuits, and systems; and determining which process signals to be transmitted or received through wireless communication. This publication provides relevant references pertaining to RFIC technology, paired with value-added editorial commentary from technology experts and is an advanced on-line reference catering specifically to the needs of IEEE members interested in the design of RF/microwave integrated circuits and systems. Each quarterly issue features a rich editorial guide to the development of RFIC technologies highlighting advances of the highest technical significance from the Transactions on Circuits and Systems, Journal of Solid State Circuits, and Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques archives. Whether you are an experienced RFIC designer looking for a high-quality reference, or a junior engineer looking to design your first RF circuits, the RFIC virtual journal is the place to go for a concise overview of RFIC technologies.

In this issue, we cite and comment on 101 articles from 20 distinct IEEE journal and conference publications, and other sources. These articles were selected and curated by members of the Editorial Board, and represent work that may be of particular interest to researchers and practitioners in the radio frequency integrated circuits (RFIC) discipline.