IEEE Solid-State Circuits Magazine (SSC-M)

Aims and Scope

Launched in 2009, each issue of the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Magazine is envisioned as a self-contained resource for fundamental theories and practical advances within the field of Integrated Circuits (ICs).

Written at a tutorial level and in an informal style, the Magazine features articles on technical milestones, current trends and future developments by leaders from industry, academia and government, and is a one-stop shop for news about people and events in the global IC world.

Archived issues of the SSCS Newsletter may be found on the SSCS About Us/History webpage.

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Information for Potential Authors

  • For suggestions of topics on important fundamentals in the advancement of integrated or subject matter experts to recommend as feature authors, please submit your article via the IEEE SSC-Mag Author Portal.
  • To contribute news articles about noteworthy people and places, please provide your ideas to Danielle Marinese, Magazine News Editor.
Leonid Belostotski

Leonid Belostotski

SSC Magazine Editor-In-Chief
Rakesh Kumar

Rakesh Kumar

Chair of SSC Magazine Advisory Board

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