SSCS Members-at-Large Election Process

As you may know, each year the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society (SSCS) rotates out the five Members-at-Large whose term on the AdCom will be ending in December. This is done through the annual SSCS AdCom Election, which is organized by the SSCS Nominations Committee and Chaired by the current SSCS Past President. This year, the Chair is John R. Long and the election term is 2025-2027. This election will be held in the Fall of 2024.

The role of a MAL is to understand the society’s strategic plan, and consider and vote on motions aimed at supporting our strategy through new or modified programs and services. MALs, along with other AdCom members, are responsible for providing financial oversight, ensuring adequate resources for SSCS to fulfill its mission, ensuring legal and ethical integrity, effective organizational planning, recruiting and orienting new AdCom members, and enhancing SSCS’s public standing through involvement in the society’s various committees.

At this time, we are accepting nominations from our general membership for the 2025 – 2027 Members-at-Large.

If you know of an individual (must be a current SSCS Member in good standing) that you feel would be a worthy choice to serve in this representative role, please submit your nomination for consideration to by May 1st, 2024. Please include the nominee's full name and email address. We will then reach out to the nominee to gather the required documents.

If you have any questions, please email the Society Administrative Office at

2025-2027 Member-at-Large Slate: To be announced June 2024



Petition Process for AdCom Candidacy

If a Society Member was not on the announced slate, they can petition to be on the slate. 

Society members who are interested in nominating a colleague(s), or themselves, by petition should notify the SSCS Executive Office by email ( no later than August 1 of a given year, and include a statement verifying the nominee's agreement to be a candidate. Once a petitioner's eligibility is verified, he/she may be posted to the petition site until  September 1, when the petition process closes. 

Any voting member of the Society may sign such petitions in either one of two ways:

1) via a link to the petition site provided on a webpage or

2) with an original signature on a hard copy petition.

Hard copy petitions must be received by the SSCS Executive office by 31 August to be entered into the IEEE petition system.

There is no official IEEE hard copy petition form for society elections. Each handwritten petition form must include:

  • the name of the candidate
  • the title of the position the candidate is running for

For each person signing the petition:

  • name (printed)
  • IEEE member number
  • signature

If all the signatures on the petition are valid  -- .e., active members with their dues paid -- the petition candidate's name, biography, and photo will appear online and on the printed ballot.

 A petition candidate needs approximately 300 signatures of SSCS members in good standing -- or about 2%  of the membership --  to qualify for the slate, as defined by IEEE Bylaw I-308.16 as of 31 December, 2011. Signatures are verified during the petition process (additional signatures above the minimum are recommended as a safety factor).