Why I'm an IEEE SSCS Member



What IEEE SSCS Membership has Done for Me 

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Daniel Friedman 

Vice President of Membership

Your career is more than a job and more than what you read. It's about the people you meet.


Put your IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society membership to work

Network at SSCS-sponsored and co-sponsored international conferences and  IEEE Section and SSCS chapter-based local events:

  • Expand your professional world.
  • Keep up to date on cutting-edge questions in your field.
  • Widen and sharpen your technical scope.


Enjoy SSCS Exclusive Member Benefits:

  • Subscription to the JSSC, the most downloaded scholarly publication of the IEEE
  • Access to JxCDC an Open Access IEEE journal 
  • Subscription to the RFIC Virtual Journal and Design and Test Magazine
  • Subscription to the Solid-State Circuits Magazine profiling pioneers in IC design, with tutorials on key topic areas and reports of work on the desks of SSC distinguished lecturers
  • Registration discounts for four sponsored international conferences: