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IEEE Solid-State Circuits Magazine


R. Jacob Baker
SSC Magazine

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Rakesh Kumar
Chair of SSC Magazine Advisory Board

Launched in 2009, each issue of the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Magazine is envisioned as a self-contained resource for fundamental theories and practical advances within the field of Integrated Circuits (ICs).

Written at a tutorial level and in an informal style, the Magazine features articles on technical milestones, current trends and future developments by leaders from industry, academia and government, and is a one-stop shop for news about people and events in the global IC world.

Archived issues of the SSCS Newsletter may be found on the SSCS About Us/History webpage:

The Solid-State Circuits Magazine is hosted in IEEEXplore allowing

  • articles to be found with searches through Xplore and Google Scholar,
  • free access to SSCS Members. Use your IEEE Web account to logon when asked.
  • authenticated access through IEL institutional subscriptions and the IEEE Member Digital LIbrary
  • email announcements of the quarterly posting or RSS feeds of the table of contents as users choose to sign-up.

For suggestions of topics on important fundamentals in the advancement of integrated  or subject matter experts to recommend as feature authors, provide your ideas to Jake Baker, Editor-in-chief of the Magazine.

To contribute news articles about noteworthy people and places, please provide your ideas to Abira Sengupta, Magazine News Editor.

Ordering a subscription

The Magazine is mailed quarterly free of charge to SSCS members.

For Members of IEEE of Societies that are technical cosponsors of the Magazine, unique rates apply.

  • Shop on line Search the IEEE Shop (right of screen) , Key in 'Solid-State Circuits Magazine'
  • If the first SEARCH doesn't work, you may have to re-key the magazine name select SEARCH a second time. (Hope this bug is fixed by the time you do this)
  • Add to the Cart, and Proceed to check out. Watch the price drop to the member rate after you log in with your Web Account

Submission Information

For IEEE Solid-State Circuits Magazine, pre-arranged feature authors and tutorial authors should submit articles as follows:

  1. source file for the text (such as tex or Word; we accept any format with the exception of page layout programs)
  2. source file for the figures with the figured named as fig1, fig2a, etc. (such as tif, jpeg, eps)
  3. pdf of the text and of the figures (in the event that there is a problem with the source files)
  4. contact information for the corresponding author (e-mail, mailing address with complete street information, telephone number)
  5. signed IEEE copyright form (the form can be found at

More details on graphic and text submission standards can be found on line.

Please note that a Magazine article differs from a technical paper which is prepared for Transaction status. Magazine articles are less apt to contain abstracts, keywords, conclusions and references, though suggested "further readings" are quite common. However certain articles on historic fundamentals may be more useful with these formatting details. Please inquire of the editor-in-chief with any questions. Also, as Solid-State Circuits Magazine is a four-color publication, we prefer that articles be accompanied with graphics, photos, screen captures, etc. to enhance their content.

Authors are advised to stay within any page or word limit indicated by the editor acquiring your manuscript. In general articles are less than 6 magazine pages, corresponding to approximately 5,000 words, including graphics. To submit text single-column, double-spaced format is preferred. Submittal may be via e-mail or CD with all of the above elements included. Articles will be forwarded to IEEE Magazines, where it will be edited and produced. Prior to publication, you will receive a review copy of your edited text for final approval.

Letters to the Editor may be edited for clarity and brevity.


FEATURE AUTHORS to Jake Baker , Editor-in-chief


TUTORIAL AUTHORS TO Willy Sansen, Tutorials Editor

AUTHORS of NEWS ARTICLES to Abira Sengupta, News Editor