Student Travel Grants + Women in Circuits Travel Grants

The IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society Student Travel Grant  Award (STGA) program recognizes and promotes early career accomplishments in all solid-state circuits fields by supporting student travel to the next edition of the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC).

With the help of  the STGA program, up-and-coming young engineers:

  • may network with researchers from industry, academia, and government from all over the world at ISSCC
  • learn about IC design break-throughs, and about challenges that have not yet been solved or need to be addressed, in-person and in advance.

STGA applicants must be SSCS members, and studying electrical or electrical and computer engineering. Preference will be given to students who are enrolled for at least a year in a PhD program, and be recommended by one professor. The committee will also consider senior  undergraduate students and master students who have shown to be interested in pursuing graduate studies in the field of IC design. Any individual applying for both the STGA and the Predoctoral Achievement Award in the same year will be eligible to receive only one award, to be determined at the discretion of the judges.

ISSCC 2024 Student Travel Grant Application

The awards period has now been closed, check back in Fall 2024 for new opportunities.

ISSCC 2024 Student Travel Grant Recipients 


Alana Dee

Alana Dee STGA

Amira Tmar

Amira Tmar STGA

Chaorui Zou

Chaorui Zou STGA

Ehab Hamed

Ehab Hamed STGA

Emmanuel Innocent

Emmanuel Innocent STGA

Francesco Tesolin

FrancescoTesolin STGA

Gang Liu

gang liu STGA

Hyun Su Lee

Hyun Su Lee STGA

Hyunhoon Lee

Hyunhoon Lee STGA

Hyunji Kim STGA

Junwei Feng

Junwei Feng STGA

Kai Cheng Cheng

Kai Cheng Cheng STGA

Karina Kerne dos Santos

Karina Kerne dos Santos STGA

Mohammad Mahdi Mohammadi

Mohammad Mahdi Mohammadi STGA

Ramy Rady STGA

Saleh Hassanzadehyamchi

Saleh Hassanzadehyamchi STGA

Shahabeddin Mohin STGA

Siddharth Agarwal

Siddharth Agarwal STGA

Song I Cheon STGA

Yaolong Hu STGA

Yipeng Wang STGA

Yutang Chen

Yutang Chen STGA

Zishen Wan

Zishen Wan STGA 

Zixi Jing

 Zixi Jing STGA