IEEE Periodicals on ICs

Besides the Society sponsored Journal of Solid-State Circuits, the SSCS points their members attention to other IEEE periodicals of interest to the integrated circuit engineer. SSCS participates in IEEE Councils and cooperates with other IEEE Societies to provide technical co-sponsorship of periodicals. These periodicals are not bundled with SSCS membership but may be subscribed to through your annual IEEE renewal or added to your services at any time during the year.

These links go to the periodical's home page in IEEEXplore. Access may be through your institution's subscription, your individual subscription or through your Member Digital Library Cabinet. Individual articles are also available for purchase.

Authors should browse and understand the types of manuscripts these periodicals feature and use each title's specific directions for submission.


Addresses innovations of interest to the integrated circuit manufacturing researcher and professional. Includes advanced process control, equipment modeling and control, yield analysis and optimization, defect control, and manufacturability improvement. It also addresses factory modelling and simulation, production planning and scheduling, as well as environmental issues in semiconductor manufacturing.





Transactions on Engineering Management

Transactions on Engineering Management


The management sciences and technology applicable to individuals and organizations engaged in or overseeing the management of engineering or technology including: technology policy development, technology assessment, technology transfer, research, development, design, evaluation, production, commissioning, or decommissioning of technical, electrical or electronic equipment/systems and allied activities.





Engineering Management Review

Engineering Management Review

Reprints articles from other publications of significant interest to members. The papers are aimed at those engaged in managing research, development, or engineering activities. Reprints make it possible for the readers to receive the best of today's literature without having to subscribe to and read other periodicals.


The 'IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing' (JSTARS) is a new quarterly publication jointly sponsored by the Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS) and the IEEE Committee on Earth Observations (ICEO).

The new Journal reflects the growing interest in application themes in the annual IEEE conferences as well as the increasing involvement of GRSS in the ICEO. A new journal was envisaged as a communication and outreach medium for these applications themes.


Nanotechnology Magazine

Cover image of Nanotechnology Magazine


Transactions on VLSI SystemsIncludes all major aspects of the design and implementation of VLSI/ULSI and microelectronic systems. Topics of special interest include: systems specifications, design and partitioning, high performance computing and communication systems, neural networks, wafer-scale integration and multichip module systems and their applications.

SSCS Rep to  Steering Committee Hideto Hidaka




Transactions on Computer Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems

Transactions on Computer Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems

Contains articles on methods, algorithms, and human-machine interfaces for physical and logical design, including: planning, synthesis, partitioning, modeling, simulation, layout, verification, testing, and documentation of integrated-circuit and systems designs of all complexities. Practical applications of aids resulting in producible analog, digital, optical, or microwave integrated circuits are emphasized.





6 times per year

This publication covers the theory, material, design, fabrication, manufacturing and application of information displays and aspects of display technology that emphasize the progress in device engineering, design and simulation, materials, electronics, physics, and reliability aspects of displays and the application of displays. The Journal is sponsored by EDS, six other IEEE societies (BT, CPMT, IA, IM, LEO and SSC) and the Optical Society of America (OSA).


The topics of interest include all types of sensing: mechanical, thermal, optical, magnetic, radiation, microwave, chemical, biological, mass, etc., both on the macro and micro levels. Also of interest are sensor packaging, interconnection, modeling, telemetry, CAD, stability (e.g., noise), characterization, sensor signal processing, sensor arrays (e.g., e-nose), sensor systems, intelligent sensors, sensor-actuators, and applications. The Journal was founded in part to create a high quality archival sensors publication whose subscription fees are within the reach of individual practitioners in the field.