IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society Industry Impact Award

Award Information

Established in 2019, this award will recognize and honor SSCS members who have had a seminal impact and made distinctive contributions to the field of solid-state circuits and the integrated circuits industry.  The award recognizes extraordinary accomplishments in entrepreneurship, leadership and/or technical excellence that led to significant breakthroughs and paradigm shifts in the IC business, thereby enabling new products and services within the ten year period prior to the application deadline.

Those who receive this award must be a current SSCS Member in good standing. 

This award will be given, annually, to one winner, but only if a suitable individual is identified.  The  winner will receive a plaque and honorarium of $5,000.   

The call for nominations will be made in our primary member communications, the Solid-State Circuits Magazine and Society Newsletter.   The nomination package consists of: (1) a one to two-page description of the candidate’s impact to the IC industry through technical development breakthroughs and successful product commercialization; (2) A list of patents, publications, and products to support the nomination; (3) A maximum of three letters of recommendation from people familiar with the candidate’s work.

This award will be managed by the SSCS Awards Committee, which consists of an appointed Chair, who will select additional members of the Committee or appoint sub-committees as needed to manage the award winner selection.

Award nominations will be accepted during the year prior to the year the award is presented.  The deadline for nominations will be October 15th.  The winner of the award will be notified by December 1st in the year prior to the year the award is to be presented. 

The SSCS Award Committee or its appointed sub-committee shall evaluate nominations as to whether the nominee’s contribution is significant and merits consideration for the Award.  A slate of selected nominees will be presented by the Awards Chair to the SSCS Administrative Committee and the winner will be selected by the SSCS Administrative Committee by vote. 

This award will be presented at the plenary session of one of the SSCS financially sponsored conferences, at the choice of the recipient.


Submission Instructions

A platform called OpenWater is required to upload nomination packages. For detailed instructions on how to use the OpenWater platform, CLICK HERE

The following materials must be uploaded as part of the nomination package:

1). One to two-page description of the candidate's impact on the IC industry through technical development breakthroughs and successful product commercialization (PDF only, 25 MB Max).

2). A list of the candidate's publications, patents, and products to support the nomination (PDF only, 25 MB Max).

In addition, letters of recommendation must be submitted (maximum of three letters, PDF only, 25 MB Max). The nominator will submit names of those providing a letter of recommendation in the OpenWater system, and then the OpenWater system will send an email to those people asking them to upload their letter of recommendation. 


Important Dates and Deadlines

The nomination period is now closed. Please check back in Fall 2020 for more details.

If you have any questions, please contact Lauren Caruso, SSCS Administrator,