Donald O. Pederson Solid-State Circuits Award


About the IEEE Donald O. Pederson Award

The IEEE annually recognizes outstanding contributors worldwide to the art and science of electro- and information technologies with technical awards in 3 dozen technical specialities. 

 The IEEE Donald O. Pederson Award for Solid-State Circuits for outstanding contributions in the field of solid-state circuits goes to an individual or team of not more than three. The award includes a bronze medal, certificate, and cash honorarium which are presented at the ISSCC.  



The SSCS Awards Committee supports the process by encouraging quality nominations and substantive endorsements from qualified peers. The IEEE Awards Board controls the process. In November 2005 this IEEE technical field award was named after Donald O. Pederson of the University of California Berkeley. Up until that time, the award was called the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Award. 

The SSCS Awards Committee welcomes suggestions for nominations for any or all of these awards. Any person may nominate a candidate for an IEEE medal or award; self-nomination, however, is not allowed. The SSCS Awards Committee will help in the nomination process and will undertake finding appropriate nominators if necessary; the Committee can be contacted through the Chair. 

The nomination process consists of the nomination itself, letters from 3 to 5 endorsers, and a letter from the President or designee of the Society in the nominee's field. Instructions for the nominator, guidelines, and award criteria are available here.  

The nomination forms can be filled in online or downloaded in a variety of word-processing formats. Please click here for more information. 


Please send your recommendations to: John R. Long

It is acceptable to nominate an individual or team for more than one TFA for the same work (if the work falls within the scope of the respective TFAs). However, the nominee(s) cannot receive more than one TFA for the same work. A complete list of IEEE Technical Field Awards is available on the IEEE Web site: See the complete list of awards for links to the forms and the list of past recipients.



A. Paul Brokaw Receives the 2021 IEEE Donald O. Pederson Award in Solid-State Circuits


2021 pederson brokaw

The recipient of the 2021 IEEE Donald O. Pederson Award in Solid-State Circuits is A. Paul Brokaw for leadership in the design of voltage references, amplifiers, and power management, and for contributions to the principles of analog circuit design


A. Paul Brokaw has created many of the foundational integrated circuit topologies employed over the last four decades in successful semiconductor devices and helped establish an entire philosophy of analog circuit design. Brokaw improved on temperature-compensated bandgap circuits with what would become known as the “Brokaw Bandgap Reference,” now the dominant reference/bias source for analog and mixed-signal circuits. This work was also integral to the analog transition from bipolar to CMOS technologies. His contributions to analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters pushed the level of precision available in integrated converters with innovations that improved the matching accuracy of scaled reference currents over a wide dynamic range and temperature range, leading to best-selling products from Analog Devices, Inc.

An IEEE Life Fellow, Brokaw retired as an Analog Devices Fellow with Analog Devices, Inc., currently residing in Tucson, AZ, USA.



The IEEE Donald O. Pederson Award in Solid-State Circuits will be presented virtually at the 2021 International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC).


Past Recipients of the Donald O. Pederson Solid-State Circuits Award 

2020 Klaas Bult
2019 Laurence Nagel 
2018 William S. Carter and Stephen M. Trimberger
2017 Takao Nishitani and John S. Thompson
2016 Miles A. Copeland
2015 Robert W. Adams
2014 Robert G. Meyer
2013 Anantha P. Chandrakasan
2012 Behzad Razavi
2011 Willy Sansen
2010 Takayasu Sakurai
2009 Teresa Meng
2008 Asad Abidi
2007 Hugo De Man
2006 Mark A. Horowitz 

Past Recipients Solid-State Circuits Award

2005 Bruce A. Wooley
2005 Eric Vittoz
2003 Daniel Dobberpuhl
2002 Chenming Hu and Ping Ko
2001 No Award
2000 Robert H. Krambreck and Stephen Law
1999 Kensall D. Wise
1998  Nicky Lu  
1997 Robert W. Brodersen
1996 Rudy J. van de Plassche
1995 Lewis M. Terman
1994 Paul R. Gray
1993 Kiyoo Itoh
1992 Barrie Gilbert
1991 Frank Wanlass
1990 Toshi Masuhara
1989 James D. Meindl 

Past Recipients of the Solid-State Circuits Development Award:

1988 Karl Stein
1987 Robert Widlar
1986 Barrie Gilbert
1985 Donald O. Pederson