Event Series SSCS Webinars For Young Excellence

Effective Technical Presentations: The How-to Guide, Presented by: Danielle Griffith


Abstract: You’ve spent years at university honing your technical knowledge, but this alone is not enough to ensure success in your career. Communications skills are essential to achieving your goals. You need to be able express your ideas clearly so that everyone understands their value. This talk will describe the four steps of preparing to […]

To PhD or Not to PhD, That is the Question: Hosted by SSCS Women in Circuits


Have you ever considered doing a PhD, or are currently a PhD student? Novices to the degree usually think of PhDs in rosy terms—imagining the respect/credibility one would get, working on cutting edge research, being awarded accolades, and being featured in magazines for one’s work! The reality is that the good parts come with some […]

SSCS May Technical Webinar: Analog Interface Circuits for Electro-Chemical and Molecular Sensing, Presented by: Carolina Lopez


Abstract: Accurate measurement of certain chemicals and biological substances is essential for health care and biomanufacturing. Electrochemical sensing methods are particularly useful for this purpose because they are cost-effective, can be made very small, and provide real-time data. Technologies such as pH and ion-sensitive sensors that are integrated into standard CMOS platforms (the technology used […]