Governance - SSCS AdCom

The next AdCom meeting is scheduled for February 2024 at ISSCC.

The Administrative Committee (AdCom) is the governing body of the Solid-State Circuits Society. AdCom members oversee conferences, publications, educational projects, chapters, finances and other activities relevant to the Society’s scope.

Elected AdCom members serve three-year terms, which are staggered so there are always some experienced and some new members. Candidates may be nominated by a Petition Process . 

The AdCom meets at least twice a year and is governed by the IEEE SSCS Constitution and Bylaws.

Adcom Officers for 2023

John Long  jrlong -at- President
Bill Bowhill bill.bowill -at-  Vice President 
Brian Floyd bafloyd -at- Secretary
Kathy Wilcox kathy.wilcox -at- Treasurer
Kenneth O k.k.o -at- Past President/Nominations Chair



to Dec 2023to Dec 2024to Dec 2025

Ichiro Fujimori

Danielle Griffith

danielle.griffith -at-


Alicia Klinefelter

Rikky Muller

Chulwoo Kim

ckim -at-

Chris Mangelsdorf

Kazuko Nishimura

 Woogeun Rhee

Makoto Takamiya

 Esther Rodriguez-Villega

Farhana Sheikh

farhana.sheikh -at-

Carlos Tokunaga

Hoi-Jun Yoo

Yusuke Oike

yusuke.oike -at-

Zeynep Toprak Deniz


Adcom Members for 2023

Daniel Friedman, Vice President of Membership

Ali Sheikholeslami, Vice President of Education

ali -at- 

Alessandro Piovaccari, Vice President of Conferences

piovac -at-


Shanthi Pavan, Vice President of Publications

shanthi -at-

Peter Lian, CASS Representative to SSCS

peterlian -at- 

Woogeun Rhee, Region 10 Rep.

wrhee -at-

Bram Nauta, Region 8 Rep. -at-

 Waleed Khalil, Associate YP of Publications

khalil.18 -at-


Trudy Stetzler, Associate VP of Conferences

tdstetzler -at-

Makoto Ikeda Associate VP of Membership

Associate VP of Education


Romane Dumont, Student Rep.

romane.dumont -at- 

Vivek Tiwari, EDA Council Rep.

vivek.tiwari -at-

Dan McGrath, Sensors Council Rep.

Bruce Hecht, Biometrics Council Rep.

bruce -at- 

Hoi-Jun Yoo, Rebooting Computing Initiative Rep.

hjyoo -at-

Michael Mulligan, IoT Rep.


Emre Ayranci, Future Networks Initiative Rep.

emre.ayranci -at- 

Rikky Muller and Milin Zhang, Brain Initiative Rep.

rikky -at- 

Azad Naeemi, Nanotechnology Council Rep./ JxCDC EiC

azad -at- gatech. edu

Dennis Sylvester, JSSC EiC 

Leo Belostotski, SSC Magazine EiC

lbelosto -at-

Tony Chan Carusone, SSC-L EiC

tony.chan.carusone -at-

Eugenio Cantatore, OJ-SSCS EiC

e.cantatore -at- 

Boris Murmann, Solid-State Circuits Direcitons Chair

murmann -at- stanford. edu

Jan Van der Spiegel, ISSCC Rep.

jan -at-

Rakesh Kumar, Magazine Advisory Board Chair

rakesh -at-

Michiel Steyart, ESSCIRC Rep.

Stephen Kosonocky, VLSI Rep.

kosonocky -at-

Philip Wong, VLSI Rep.

hspwong -at- 

Hoi-Jun Yoo, A-SSCC Rep.

Christophe Antoine, CICC Rep.

christophe.antoine -at-

Hua Wang, CICC Rep. -at-

Alvin Loke, Chapters Chair

alvin.loke -at-

Hideto Hidaka, Fellows Commitee Chair

John Corcoran, Awards Chair


Naveen Verma, Distinguished Lecture Chair


Filip Tavernier

filip.tavernier -at-

Pieter Harpe, CONFedu Chair

p.j.a.harpe -at-

Antonio Liscidini, Design Contest Program Chair

antonio.liscidini -at-

Korkut Kaan Tokgoz, Young Professionals Rep. 

Farhana Sheikh, Women in Circuits Chair

farhana.sheikh -at- 

Kathy Wilcox, Women in Circuits Vice Chair

kathy.wilcox -at-

Rabia Kirby, Council on RFID Rep.

rty -at- 

Amara Amara,  CASS Rep.

Zeynep Toprak Deniz, WIE Rep



SSCS Organizational Chart 2023

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(Updated 9-November 2023)