Governance - SSCS AdCom

The next AdCom meeting will be held in conjunction with ISSCC 2020 in San Francisco, California, USA. 

The Administrative Committee (AdCom) is the governing body of the Solid-State Circuits Society. AdCom members oversee conferences, publications, educational projects, chapters, finances and other activities relevant to the Society’s scope.

Elected AdCom members serve three-year terms, which are staggered so there are always some experienced and some new members. Candidates may be nominated by a Petition Process . 

The AdCom meets twice a year and is governed by the IEEE SSCS Constitution and Bylaws.  


ISSCC 2019 Group Photo

 The SSCS AdCom at ISSCC 2019. First row (from left) – Bill Bidermann, Ali Sheikholeslami, Emre Ayranci, John Corcoran, Wanda Gass, Kenneth O, Bram Nauta, Jan Van der Spiegel, Alison Burdett, Alice Wang, Vivienne Sze, Azita Emami, Zeynep Lulec, and Bruce Hecht. Middle row (from left) –  Daniel Friedman, Kathy Wilcox, Dennis Sylvester, Ingrid Verbauwhede, Terri Fiez, Stefan Rusu, Patrick Yue, Bill Bowhill, Tadahiro Kuroda, Makoto Ikeda, Shanthi Pavan, Kofi Makinwa, Ian Young, and Behzad Razavi. Third row (from left) – Alvin Loke, Rakesh Kumar, Bryan Ackland, John Long, Jeffrey Walling, Jan Craninckx, Payam Heydari, Aarno Parssinen, and Franco Maloberti 


Adcom Officers for 2019-2020

Kenneth O k.k.o -at- President
John Long jrlong -at- Vice President 
Emre Ayranci emre.ayranci -at-  Secretary
Wanda Gass wandakgass -at- Treasurer
Bram Nauta b.nauta -at-   Past President



Members of AdCom:

to 31 Dec 2020to Dec 2021to Dec 2022

Edith Beigne

edith.beigne -at-

Alison Burdett

Alison.Burdett -at-

Andreia Cathelin

Azita Emami

azita -at-

Eugenio Cantatore

e.cantatore -at-

Vivek De

Daniel Friedman

dfriedmn -at-

Kofi Makinwa

k.a.a.makinwa -at-

Makoto Ikeda

Payam Heydari

payam -at-

Dennis Sylvester

dmcs -at-

Alvin Loke

Vivienne Sze 

sze -at-

Kathryn Wilcox 

kathy.wilcox -at-

Makoto Nagata