SSCS May Technical Webinar: Analog Interface Circuits for Electro-Chemical and Molecular Sensing, Presented by: Carolina Lopez


Abstract: Accurate measurement of certain chemicals and biological substances is essential for health care and biomanufacturing. Electrochemical sensing methods are particularly useful for this purpose because they are cost-effective, can be made very small, and provide real-time data. Technologies such as pH and ion-sensitive sensors that are integrated into standard CMOS platforms (the technology used […]

SSCS June Technical Webinar: From Rocks to Chips: What the History of the Transistor Says about the Future


Abstract: The discovery, then invention, of the transistor sits almost exactly midway between Ferdinand Braun's discovery of solid-state rectification in 1874 and the modern era of gigascale ICs. As with other epoch-shattering inventions, the story of the transistor isn't quite as neatly linear as some recountings might suggest. Very few EEs have ever heard of […]