ESSCIRC Women in Circuits Mentoring Event

A Women in Circuits Luncheon and Mentoring Event was held at ESSCIRC 2017 in Leuven, Belgium. Special guest speaker Francoise Chombard (Melexis) talked about why businesses need women and how businesses can benefit from women in the workplace. The talk was followed by lunch on the terrace with networking and casual conversation. The participants were tasked with brainstorming and writing down what women can do to contribute to STEM. 

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087 Melexis Leuven
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100 Melexis Leuven

 VLSI Symposia Women in Circuits Luncheon

The VLSI Symposia Women in Circuits Luncheon was held on Tuesday, June 6, 2017 in conjunction with VLSI Symposia in Kyoto, Japan. The ladies attending the event had the opportunity to make connections with leading experts from industry and academia and talk to fellow women about work-life balance, career opportunities, and entrepreneurship. 





Bay Area Women in Circuits Luncheon

The 1st annual Bay Area Women in Circuits Luncheon was held on Friday, July 14th in Palo Alto. Speakers included Kate Bergeron, Vice President of Hardware Engineering at Apple and Rikky Muller, Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley and Co-Founder at Cortera Neurotechnologies Inc. The talks were followed by mentoring roundtable discussions.

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