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IEEE Solid-State Circuits Directions Series: Think Impact with ICs, Workshop on Quantum Computing and Technology

2024-05-04 - 2024-05-05
11 AM ET
IEEE Region 1 (Northeastern USA)
Danielle Marinese –
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Organized by: Shirin Montazeri, Fabio Sebastiano, and Sebastian Feld


SSCD presents a 2-day workshop on quantum computing and technology to bridge the gap between the physics community and electrical engineering. Various topics will conclude with simple hands-on algorithm experiments and an actual quantum computer on cloud. 


Day 1 (May 4th):

[8-8:30am PT] Keynote: Introduction to Quantum Computing, 

Will Oliver (Affiliation: Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

[8:30-9am PT] Introduction to semiconductor spin qubits,

Andrea Morello (Affiliation:UNSW Sydney (Australia))

[9-9:30am PT] Cryo-CMOS Control and Readout Circuits for Spin qubits: From Specifications to Implementation and qubit Testing,

Masoud Babaie (Affiliation: Delft University of Technology)

[9:30-10am PT] Microwave engineering of parametric interactions in superconducting circuits,

Ofer Naaman (Affiliation: Google Quantum AI)

[10-10:30am PT] Interconnect and Packaging Technologies for Quantum Systems

Mike Hamilton (Affiliation: Auburn University and Google Quantum AI)

[10:30-11am PT] 30 min Panel session, Q/A. 

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Day 2 (May 5th):

[8-8:30am PT] Keynote: Advance Fabrication of Superconducting qubits,

John Martinis (Affiliation: University of California Santa Barbara)

[8:30-9am PT] Distributed quantum computation with color center qubits,

Tim Taminiau (Affiliation: Delft University of Technology)

[9-9:30am PT] Enabling Practical Quantum Computation: Compiler and Architecture Techniques for Bridging the Algorithms-to-Devices Resource Gap,

Prakash Murali (Affiliation: Cambridge University)

[9:30-10am PT] Quantum error correction at Google,

Austin Fowler (Affiliation: Google Quantum AI)

[10-10:45am PT] Interactive quantum algorithm session,

 Harold Meerwaldt, Quantum Inspire

[10:45-11am PT] 15 min Q/A.


Speakers, Day 1:


William D. Oliver, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Andrea Morello, UNSW Sydney (Australia)



Masoud Babaie, Delft University of Technology

Ofer Naaman, Google Quantum AI


Mike Hamilton, Auburn University and Google Quantum AI



Speakers, Day 2:

John Martinis, University of California Santa Barbara



Tim Taminiau, Delft University of Technology


Prakash Murali, Cambridge University


Austin Fowler, Google Quantum AI



Harold Meerwaldt, Quantum Inspire



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