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SSCS April Technical Webinar: Getting Started with Open Source Silicon, Presented By: Matthew Venn

11 AM ET
Webinar - Online
Aeisha VanBuskirk – a.vanbuskirk@ieee.org
Web site
Matthew Venn
Abstract: In this presentation, Matt Venn will share his experience of getting started with chip design using the free and open source tools. Going from zero to 20 chips in 3 years, there are plenty of successes and failures to share.  Matt will then move on to sharing the best resources, inspirational example projects, and showcase some of his own tools. The presentation will finish with a demonstration showing just how easy and cheap it is to get your own chip manufactured today.
Biography: Matt Venn is a science & technology communicator and electronic engineer. He has been involved with open source silicon for the last 3 years and has sent 20 chips for manufacture. He has helped over 600 people learn the tools, with 300 people taking part in manufacturable designs. https://zerotoasiccourse.com/ https://tinytapeout.com