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SSCS T Shirt Winner


The Task: Create a unique t-shirt design mirroring the cool technologies and applications that are empowered by Integrated Circuits. 


The winner of the SSCS Student T-Shirt Design Contest is Reza Erfani, a second-year Ph.D. student at EECS Department of Case Western Reserve University. Reza received his M.S. from K.N. Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, Iran in 2014 in electrical engineering. His research interests include analog, mixed-signal, and RF integrated circuit and system design for neural engineering applications. 

About the design: The front side of the design shows the vast applications covered by the IC designers nowadays. The back side of the design, on the other hand, is where the IC designer is describing him/herself by saying that “I'm smart, an artist, an engineer, etc. AND I'm an IC Designer.” It also conceptually illustrates how the IC designers are spiritually driving every single transistor in their designs from a spiritual power supply of the design, i.e., "I". We all know that for a whole chip to operate properly, the IC designers are supposed to make every single transistor work properly!

 The winning t-shirt will be distributed to all SSCS student members at ISSCC.