Call for Special Sections - OJ-SSCS


The IEEE Open Journal of the Solid-State Circuits Society (OJ-SSCS) is a fully open access journal that publishes papers in the broad area of solid-state circuits with particular emphasis on transistor-level design of integrated circuits. It also provides coverage of topics such as systems design, novel technologies, circuit modeling, and testing in areas of importance for integrated circuit design. Experimental verification is strongly encouraged. The first volume (2021) of the OJ-SSCS is now available on IEEE Xplore® (IEEE Xplore: IEEE Open Journal of the Solid-State Circuits Society).

The OJ-SSCS Editorial Board wants to foster publications in novel areas of integrated circuits design. For this reason, we are soliciting ideas for new special sections of the OJ-SSCS. Please send your proposals, using an email message with subject line “Proposal for a special section of the OJ-SSCS”, to the Editor in Chief, Eugenio Cantatore ( The deadline to submit your proposal is March 15th, 2022.


The proposal should contain the following information:

Guest Editors

You should indicate one Guest editor. Please attach a CV of the guest editor, and a list of publications, with special emphasis on articles published by the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society (SSCS).  If justified by the specific topic, two guest editors can be considered.


Aims and Scope (up to ½ page)

Provide some background information about the area that the special section aims to cover, describe its significance, and specify the scope, providing a clear description of the fields of research that will be relevant to your special section.


Topics of Interest

Provide a bulleted list of topics that you expect to cover in the special section


Potential contributors

Please indicate at least six authors who you will ask to contribute to your special section. The manuscripts must be prepared according to the OJ-SSCS Submission Information (OJ-SSCS Submission - IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society). Please notice that a special section will need at least four published papers. If less than four papers will be accepted, these papers will appear on the OJ-SSCS with no mention of a special section. The applicable Article Processing Charges (APCs) are described on the OJ-SSCS site (IEEE Open Journal of the Solid-State Circuits Society (OJ-SSCS) - IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society). Discounts covering the full APC for SSCS members will be granted to the first 20 papers published in 2022 on the OJ-SSCS.


Potential reviewers

Please indicate at least six volunteers who agreed to act as reviewers for your special section.


Important Dates

This call will be open till March 15th, 2022.

The timing of the selected special section will be as follows:

Special Section Open for Submissions: April 1st, 2022
Paper Submission Deadline: June 15th, 2022
First Notification: July 15th, 2022
Revision Submission: August 15th, 2022
Final Decision: September 15sh, 2022
Publication Online: October 15th , 2022