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SSCS' educational programming has expanded to include a podcast called SSCS Chip Chat. This interview-style podcast focuses on the stories of engineers and scientists behind the integrated circuits that power the world. 

The podcast can be listened to by searching SSCS Chip Chat in the Apple Podcast App or whatever podcast app you use for your mobile device.


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Upcoming Episode - Coming Soon - Interview with Dr. Yan Li

Interview with Dr. Alice Wang 

Dr. Alice Wang is Director of Silicon Engineering at PsiKick. She's also vice chair of engineering at IEEE SSCS Women in Circuits Committee. We talk about extreme low power circuits, different work cultures in US and Asia, and efforts to recruit more women in circuits.

Interview with Dr. Shantanu Chakrabartty

Dr, Shantanu Chakrabartty is a professor at the McKelvey School of Engineering at Washington University in St Louis.

Dr. Chakrabartty's research seeks to approach fundamental limits of energy efficiency, sensing and resolution. We talk about self-powered sensors, cyborg insects, and thermodynamically-driven circuits. There's also some advice for those who are starting out on their academic careers on how best to go about it.

Interview with Dr. R Jacob Baker

Dr. R Jacob Baker is Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Interview with Dr. Shanthi Pavan

Dr. Shanthi Pavan is a Professor of Electrical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai


Interview with Dr Albert Theuwissen

Dr. Albert Theuwissen is CEO and Founder of Harvest Imaging. Since 2001 he has been a part-time professor at TU Delft where he coaches PhD students researching CMOS image sensors.

Interview with Dr Gert Cauwenberghs

Dr. Gert Cauwenberghs is Professor of Bioengineering and Co-Director of the Institute for Neural Computation at UC San Diego, La Jolla CA.