ISSCC “Code-a-Chip” Travel Grant Awards

ISSCC “Code-a-Chip” Travel Grant Awards


The ISSCC 2023 Code-a-Chip Travel Grant Award was created to (1) promote reproducible chip design using open-source tools and notebook-driven design flows and (2) enable up-and-coming talents as well as seasoned open source enthusiasts to travel to the Conference and interact with the leading-edge chip design community. This program is made possible by a donation from the CHIPS Alliance, a non-profit organization hosted by The Linux Foundation

Program rules

  • The program is open to anyone (no restrictions). Membership in the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society (SSCS) membership is encouraged, but not required. Teaming is encouraged, but each team must identify a single leader who can travel to the ISSCC from February 19-23, 2023, to receive the award.  
  • Applicants must submit an open-source Jupyter notebook detailing an innovative circuit design using open-source tools (examples: inverter, temperature sensor)
  • Each submission must contain a suitable open source license (e.g., Apache 2.0).
  • A jury will evaluate the submissions and award up to ~12 designs within two main categories:
  • Category 1: Silicon-proven designs. The technology used in the original design can be different from the one used in the notebook. The objective is to disseminate the main ideas and design choices using open-source tools and PDKs in a reproducible manner. The temperature sensor example falls into this category.
  • Category 2: A new idea that could be the basis for a future tapeout, with the same objectives regarding open dissemination and reproducibility as in Category 1.
  • Travel grants of up to US$500 (for secondary students), up to US$2,500 (for undergraduate students), and between US$1,000-US$5,000 (for graduate students and all others) will be awarded. This award can reimburse travel and a portion of your accommodations until the dollar amount is used up. Complimentary registration for the conference itself will also be provided by ISSCC.
  • Travel arrangements must comply with the IEEE Travel and Expense Reimbursement Guidelines and awardees must attend the conference in person to qualify for reimbursement.

Program logistics

  • The notebooks must be submitted through a GitHub pull request at the SSCS Open-Source Ecosystem (OSE) Code-a-Chip GitHub portal (this site also contains further details/instructions).
  • -The winners are expected to attend the ISSCC’s Student-Research Preview session (Sunday evening) to be recognized for their awards, as well as an open source meetup event (details TBA).
  • Reimbursement will be provided after the conference when air and accommodation receipts are sent to the ISSCC Treasurer.

Program schedule

  • November 21, 2022, 11:59 AM Pacific Time: Notebook submission deadline (GitHub pull request)
  • December 1, 2022: Announcement of winners
  • December 2-15, 2022: Register for conference, obtain letter from ISSCC registrar for visa application (if needed) 
  • February 19-23, 2023: Attend ISSCC