2018-2019 SSCS Student Sweatshirt Design Contest

IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society  - “Envisioning the Future” – Student and Graduate Student Sweatshirt Design Contest

The winning design will be made into a sweatshirt and distributed to all SSCS Student & Graduate Student Members at ISSCC 2019.

Information on the 2019-2020 Contest will be posted in October 2019. 


2019 Student Sweatshirt Design Contest Winner 

Congratulations to the 2019 winner of the SSCS Student Sweatshirt Design Contest, Valdrin Qunaj, KU Leuven, Belgium. Valdrin's design will be printed on a sweatshirt and distributed to SSCS Student and Graduate Student Members that attend ISSCC 2019. 

Design Contest Winner 2019


Description of Valdrin's design - In the center you can see a person with VR googles. He is in a virtual reality environment and envisioning the future in VR. Around him are five circles, they each represent a different domain of future advancements that will impact our daily live drastically. Starting from the top left we see brain inspired circuits and AI/ML circuits and accelerators that are becoming more common in our daily life. Next we have a foldable phone, more research is being done on flexible electronics, and the next generation of smartphones might be one that is able to fold and change its shape. The third circle represent IoT and wearable devices, imaging your fridge being able to order milk for you when you are almost running out. The forth is augmented reality glasses, one could envision future doctors wearing AR glasses that allows them to see inside the patient's body and aiding them in surgeries. And finally we have biomedical circuits and sensors that will help us living healthier lives and are able to monitor and assist us in our daily life.


Congratulations to the runner-up's - James Mawdsley, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Ogbodu Chukwufumnanya, Obafemi Awolowo University.