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Circuits for Security and Secure Circuits: Presented by Ingrid Verbauwhede

2022-08-24 - 2022-08-24
10:00 AM ET
Webinar - Online
Danielle Marinese –
Ingrid Verbauwhede


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Abstract: Electronics are shrinking and penetrating all aspects of our lives. The Internet of Things fills our homes and cars, body area networks monitor our health.  Our data is store on cloud and edge computers.  Adding security and cryptography to these highly complex and often very resource constraint systems is a challenge.

We would like the security solutions to be lightweight and at the same time resistant to a broad range of attacks. Attacker models can vary wildly including remote as well as local physical manipulation attacks.  The most difficult part for the designer is to decide which parts of such a complex system need protection. This includes defining the essential roots of trust.  Software and cryptographic security protocols rely on hardware roots of trust. In this presentation, we will give our definition of a root of trust and how to use it in a complex system. Next, we will illustrate this with two essential roots of trust: physically unclonable functions (PUFs) and True Random Number Generators (TRNGs).  In this presentation, we will describe different design options, and put special attention the security evaluation and test.

Bio: Dr. Ir. Ingrid Verbauwhede is a Professor in the research group COSIC at the KU Leuven. She is a fellow of IEEE and of IACR. She was elected as member of the Royal Academy of Belgium in 2011. She is a recipient of an ERC Advanced Grant in 2016 and in 2021. She received the IEEE 2017 Computer Society Technical Achievement Award. She delivered the 2022 IACR distinguished lecture. She will receive the 2023 IEEE D. Pederson award of the SSCS society.

She is a pioneer in the field of efficient and secure implementations of cryptographic algorithms on many different platforms: ASIC, FPGA, embedded, cloud.  With her research she bridges the gaps between electronics, the mathematics of cryptography and the security of trusted computing.  Her group owns and operates an advanced electronic security evaluation lab. Her list of publications is available from:

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