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SSCS Webinars for Young Excellence - Understanding Work Culture and Its Importance to Succeed

11 AM ET
Webinar - Online
Abira Altvater –


Panelists: Carolina Mora Lopez, Alice Wang, and Vivek Subramanian 
Abstract: The famous quote “Culture eats strategy for breakfast “ from Peter Drucker implies that a company's culture is decisive to attainment. Culture isn’t about comfy chairs; rather, it is about the shared value, attributes, and characteristics of a company on how they handle situations like high pressure or tough deadlines, treat customers or business partners, and beyond. As a young professional and a future employee, you might wonder how one contributes to the working culture and how the human factor plays a role in the working environment. You might even wonder what a healthy culture really means fundamentally and what you can do to adapt to it. In this webinar, we invite three senior professionals who have worked in multiple organizations around the globe. They will share their personal journeys of working in different environments and how they adapt to different cultures. Live Q&A session will follow to answer all the questions. Registration is free and open to all.