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Resonant Clock Design for a Power-Efficient, High-Volume x86-64 Microprocessor with Visvesh Sathe

Webinar - Online
Mike Kelly, SSCS Exec. Dir –

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This presentation is an extended encore of a paper recently delivered at the 2012 International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) in San Francisco, CA.. AMD's 4+ GHz x86–64 core codenamed “Piledriver” employs resonant clocking to reduce clock distribution power up to 24% while maintaining a low clock-skew target. To support testability and robust operation at the wide range of operating frequencies required of a commercial processor, the clock system operates in two modes: direct-drive and resonant. Leveraging favorable factors such as the availability of two thick top-level metals, high operating frequency, clock-load density, and the existing clock-design methodology, the resonant clock mode was designed to enable both reduced average power dissipation and improved peak-power-constrained performance, with minimal area impact. This work represents a volume production-enabled implementation of resonant clock technology, and is plan of record for mid-2012 product offerings.

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