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New Opportunities in Non-Uniform Sampling

Webinar - Online
Kelsey Rodriguez –

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Uniform sampling has been widely adopted in today’s circuit designs, ranging from data converters (ADC
and DAC), and discrete-time signal processing (such as switched-capacitor filters). It is a well-developed
processing technique that leads to many circuit architectures. However, Nyquist theory does not limit us
to processing the samples at a uniform time grid so long as the average sample rate is sufficiently high,
i.e., no loss of signal information. Why not sample the analog signal in a non-uniform time grid? What is
the benefit by doing so? What is the underlying signal processing implication? In this talk, we will
provide a background overview and explore new opportunities in non-uniform sampling (NUS) along
with several silicon prototypes (from data converter to RF transceiver) that leverage non-uniform
sampling. Thanks to the unique properties of NUS, there are interesting possibilities for future circuit-
and system-level architectural innovations.

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