Circuits Video Contest

IEEE SSCS International Student Circuits Video Contest 

The 2019-2020 Contest is now closed. 


The IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society is pleased to announce a second 2019 student contest: the SSCS Circuits Video Contest.


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WHAT: Create fun short (5-minute to 10-minute) videos that explain circuits

AUDIENCE: High school students                                      

HOW: Tell a story that uses drawings, cartoons, and analogies to connect a circuits topic to a real-world application.






2019-2020 CONTEST WINNERS:  

The three winners of the 2019-2020 Circuits Video Contest are:

Pushkar Pramod Wani and Sagar Raj N- "Basics for Filters"  The Origin for any Electronic's circuit is Very important for students to know. The topic which we have chosen is Filters , And it is important for students to learn that their are different domains (MATHEMATICS, SIGNAL PROCESSING) that combine together to form a domain called Analog electronic's.Our aim is to make students understand that forming circuits is not just connections of Resistors and Capacitor's , their is a broad history which help's one to arrive at the final Result."


Jelle Bakker and Jeroen Ponte - "Stepwise Explanation of SAR ADCs Using Analogies" - Our video starts from basic principles expected to be comprehended by a high school student audience. Through (physical) analogies, the concept of successive approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) is explained. A relevant and relatable example application is given.We hope the demonstrated general relevance of ADCs, comprehensible insight into the workings of specifically SAR ADCs and the given relevant example application will generate interest in circuit design among high school students.


Xinjian Liu - "Piezo Energy Harvester" - This video used many examples that the high-school aged students are familiar with. The video used stick figure style to explain the circuit, which makes the video more interesting. The structure of the video is so clear. It has 4 steps and teach students how to design circuit step by step. A lot of metaphors are used to explain the components used in the circuits. Possible applications and the relationship between this circuit and human life are mentioned in the video.


All of the video contest entries can be found on the SSCS YouTube Channel in this playlist here


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