2018 - 2019 Design Contest

SSCS Call for Contest Submissions

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The IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society plans to run an annual solid-state circuit theory/analysis for undergraduate students and an annual circuit design contest (that may require simulations) for graduate students.

To have access to a rich set of candidate questions, the SSCS would like to invite its members to submit their proposals for these contests. The proposals that are selected for the contest will receive a $2000 award towards attending an SSCS-sponsored conference.

We encourage submitting original problems that our members may have faced during the course of their work in industry and academia. The proposed questions should not have obvious answers or answers that can be found easily by searching the internet.



Submission Requirements (please upload the following): 
1). The proposed question for the contest (click here to download)
2). The proposed answer to your question (click here to download

Please be sure to read the contest rules and regulations. Click here to read. By reading these rules and regulations and submitting your entry, you confirm that you agree to all contest rules and regulations. 

All submissions should be uploaded using this form: Click here to upload

This contest is only open to SSCS non-student members (members from industry and faculty members at universities). 

The submission window is open from July 20, 2018 - October 20, 2018.

Please email sscs-contest@ieee.org if you have any questions.