How to Fill Out and Submit a DL Expense Report

Reimbursement Overview

  • SSCS follows travel reimbursement procedures that are standard across IEEE.
  • Intended to respect your valuable time and energy, these procedures also ensure that any internal examination finds records that make IEEE and SSCS look consistently correct.
  • Many particulars of the IEEE process are mandated by US tax law.
  • Return the completed from within 21 days from the last day of travel.

How to Fill Out the Travel Reimbursement Form

  • The purpose of trip and your address must be provided at the top of the form.
  • Itemize taxi fares, meals, official guests’ meals, and tips on the 1st and 2nd pages of the form.
  • Please notice that while meals for the day (entered on page 2 of the form) will automatically total post to page 1, taxi fares do not. List transportation costs to and from airports on page 2, but add them yourself and list the total for the day on page 1.
  • If you mistakenly enter a number in the wrong cell do not copy and paste, as certain automatic functions will be lost. Simply delete or enter zero then go to the correct cell to enter the figure.
  • Submit the original receipt original for each expense over $25.00 USD.
  • When expenses are being shared with another organization and IEEE is requested to reimburse only a portion, legible photocopies are acceptable.
  • Sharing Costs: When you pay for a travel companion and want reimbursement for only your portion of the bill, write the calculated portion to be reimbursed on the form. This helps internal IEEE accountants match receipts to figures on your form.

Multiple Currencies

When multiple currencies are used in the same trip, you must fill out a separate expense form for each. According to IEEE policy, payments will be made in the currency you prefer and are not necessarily determined by the country in which you reside.

If, for example, you used Euros, dollars and yen in the same trip, one expense form must report the expenses you paid in Euros, a second form must show the expenses you paid for in yen, and a third expense form must show what you paid for in dollars. One of these must represent the currency you want used for your payment.

Currency Conversion
To find a currency converter on line, you can use a Google search.

Then you must enter the euro-dollar exchange rate in the Exchange Rage field on your Euro expense form, and the yen-dollar exchange rate on your yen expense form, if you want to be paid in US dollars. The correct conversion will be calculated automatically.

Finally, you must enter the both converted Euro and Yen totals on your US dollar form.

For each non-US currency you must provide a printout of the exchange rate to document the rate you noted on the form.


How to Submit Your DL Expenses for Reimbursement

Please attach your expense report reimbursement form and files of the associated receipts and email it to Ashley Seda (, SSCS Administrator.   Originals are not necessary.


If you have any questions regarding the expense report, please contact Ashley Seda (