SSCS offers three kinds of chapter subsidies
  1. Annual stipends for chapter maintenance
  2. Emerging Economies Membership Subsidy Program (EEMSP) offering dues assistance by SSCS





SSCS single chapters are eligible for up to $2,000 a year to subsidize chapter maintenance costs or activities.

SSCS joint chapters are eligible for up to $1,000 a year.  

How to Apply

Below is the link you need to click on in order to fill out a subsidy application.  
Link to be provided later


One ou clidk on the link, ou will need to sign-on with your IEEE Account.

Once signed in, you will be brought to the Welcome page.  Hover your mouse over the words, IEEE SOCIETY AWARDS, and see a drop down of Society Names.   Click on IEEE SOLID-STATE CIRCUITS SOCIETY

On the next page, click on 2018 IEEE SSCS Chapter Subsidies, where you may start a new application  (Please note that the word "Nomination" may be used.  This is the same as "application".   Begin filling in the information for your application/nomination.   NOTE that those items with an asterisk are required fields and must be filled in.   Otherwise, you cannot submit the application.

When you have finished the first page, please click "SAVE AND NEXT" at the bottom right.  This will take you to the second page of the application.   There are three pages in total.  Continue filling in your information until you have completed the third page. 

Note that, if you wish to save your application and go back to it later, you only need to click the SAVE button on the third page.  Doing this will not submit the application and you will still have access to it to work it.   

If you have completed your application, click on SAVE AND FINALIZE at the bottom of the third page.  An instruction will pop up to give you one last chance to save your application only or to submit it.  Once it is submitted, you will no longer be able to access it.   Should you find that you do need to access a submitted application, please contact Lauren Caruso (  She will be able to either make the change for you or give you access to the application, so you may revise it yourself.

After you have submitted your application you will see an on-screen note confirming that it was submitted successfully.  You will also receive an email with the same confirmation.

Note:  After hitting SAVE AND FINALIZE, if you have missed any required fields, the system will NOT submit your application, but tell you what is missing and allow you to fill in the missing information.

For questions regarding application submission, please contact Lauren Caruso at

Chapters that receive subsidies through the SSCS Chapter Subsidy program must submit details of how the funds were used and for what purpose.

For questions regarding application submission, please contact Lauren Caruso at



 The Solid-State Circuits Society has a program for its chapters called the Emerging Economies Membership Subsidy Program (EEMSP), which compliments the IEEE Mimimum Income Special Considerations Option and provides a significant additional benefit for qualifIed individuals.

IEEE Minimum Income Special Considerations Option

IEEE policy currently allows a 50% discount on IEEE dues, plus one society membership, for any individual whose annual salary is less than $ 12,600 USD.   This offering is referred to as the Minimum Income Society Considerations Option.

EEMSP Policy

The SSCS Emerging Ecomomies Membership Subsidy Program will pay the remaining 50% of the IEEE and SSCS dues for one year for new and renewing members who qualify for the IEEE Minimum Income Special Considerations Option, including those who are unemployed.  

SSCS will cover up to six (6) members in Joint Chapters per year and up to twelve (12) members in Single Chapters.  Although the IEEE Minimum Income Special Consideations Option allows individuals to purchase publication subscriptions for one society at a 50% reduced rate, the SSCS EEMSP does not cover the payment of publication subscriptions.


If a Chapter has individuals who qualify for the IEEE Minimumu Income Special Considrations Option and the SSCS EEMSP, these individuals need to go to the IEEE Membership Database and create a member profile.   Once a profile is created, a customer/member number will be generated.   Then the Chapter Chair should send the list of individuals' names, email addresses and customer/member numbers to SSCS Administrator, Lauren Caruso (  If a Chapter has individuals who qualify but are renewing, the Chair just needs to send the list of names, email addresses and customer/member number to Lauren.   Once received, Lauren will take care of obtaining the memberships for the individuals.

Any questions may be directed to Lauren Caruso at