Councils and Technical Committees

SSCS participates in five Councils and one Technical Committee whose pursuits complement the goals of the Society's  community. Councils are formed by groups of Societies to advance their overlapping technical scope for the benefit of their members. Check out the technical literature and other activities of the Councils that SSCS  belongs to:


Council or Special Interest Group (SIG)SSCS Representative
Biometrics Council/IEEE Life Sciences Web Portal Bruce Hecht
Council on Electronic Design Automation Bryan Ackland /Vivek Tawari
NanoTechnology Council Ian Young
IEEE Technical Committee on RFID Jeffrey Walling
Sensors Council Hadi Heidari adi Heidari 
Technology Management Council Mike Beunder
IEEE Internet of Things (IoT) Andreia Cathelin
IEEE 5G  Aarno P√§rssinen
Green-ICT Earl McCune