Fellows 2017

SSCS Members Elevated to Fellow in 2017:


Cyril Luxey  For the development of small antennas, multi-antenna system integration, and high performance mm-wave systems
Yu Cao  For development of predictive technology models for reliable circuit and system integration
Salvatore Pennisi  For contributions to multistage CMOS operational amplifiers
Zhihua Wang  For contributions to circuits and microsystems for medical applications
Edoardo Charbon  For contributions to solid-state single photon avalanche detectors and their applications in imaging
Ru Huang  For contributions to multi-gate silicon nanowire transistor technology
Junichi Nakamura  For leadership in CMOS image sensors
Kenji Itoh  For contributions to microwave harmonic mixers and applications to mobile terminal devices
Donald Lie  For contributions to high linearity and high efficiency silicon RF power amplifiers for broadband wireless applications
Sorin Voinigescu  For contributions to silicon and silicon-germanium microwave and millimeter-wave devices and integrated circuits
Hugh Barnaby  For research of radiation effects in bipolar junction transistors
Payam Heydari   For contributions to silicon-based millimeter-wave integrated circuits and systems
Hideto Hidaka  For leadership in high-density memory technologies for automotive applications
Deog-kyoon Jeong  For development of Digital Video Interface and High Definition Multimedia Interface standards
B​orivoje Nikolic  For contributions to energy-efficient design of digital and mixed-signal circuits​
Carlo Samori  For contributions to design of integrated Voltage Controlled Oscillators and Phase-Locked Loops
Andrei Vladimirescu 

For contributions to the development and commercial adoption of SPICE circuit simulation