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YP and Students

emre ayranci new photo     Welcome to the SSCS page for young professionals and graduate students. Here you will find benefits especifically for younger Society members and announcements and  information essential for IC professionals and students in the early phases of their careers. We are looking forward for your feedback at

       Emre Ayranci



Call for Mentors at IEEE Solid-States Circuits Society Young Professionals Mentoring Events

I would like to invite all SSCS members volunteering to be mentors for younger SSCS members.

One of the benefits we are trying to deliver to SSCS young members is offering some guidance and advice at our main conferences. We believe it would be very valuable for young members' careers and this is a great opportunity to learn about the benefits of the SSCS membership and inform the future leaders of SSCS.

We thought you would be the best mentors, as you are the leaders, pioneers and top engineers/professors in our area. We know that you are all so busy, so we limit the event to be just 1 hour during our conferences.

The main topics that can be discussed will be entrepreneurship, career advice for industry or academia, publication advice, etc. and it's totally up to you how you would like share your experiences and answer their questions.

We start with town hall style with moderated questions and finish with 1on1 talk with young members if there is mutual interest.

Please let me know by email to, if you would be interested and will be able to spare 1 hour during conferences that you attend..

Our next event will be held at A-SSCC on Monday, November 9th in China. We'll also be holding another mentoring event at ISSCC 2016 in San Francisco on Tuesday, February 2nd. 

Emre Ayranci

IEEE SSCS Young Professionals Committee Chair

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Featured Student Member Profile 

2013 Predoctoral Achievement Award Winner Hanh-Phuc Le Attributes EE Career to Early Curiosity

phuc my_photo Born into a family with no professional engineers, as a little kid I was    always curious why my brother, an accountant, always asked me to get    him a wooden  chair to step on to do electrical work in our house. He once  explained to me  that the wooden chair would help him to be isolated from  the ground and keep  him safe. However, I never really understood how it  worked until I learned  about current, resistance and Ohm's law. This is  the start of my big curiosity into electrical engineering that becomes my field of study.

Curiosity is the best present that one could give to a kid and I don't think this is that difficult to do.

Predoctoral Achievement Award Winners, 2013-2014:

  • Benrooz Abiri
  • Jun-Chau Chien
  • Ming-Shuan Chen
  • Hyn-Sik Kim
  • Yan Lu
  • Yue Lu
  • Zushu Yan
  • Dixian Zhao

Young Professional/Student Events and Announcments

SSCS YP Program Stakes Out Space at ISSCC

img_1973 isscc 2013 emre  and t wong - crSSCS YP-Ambassador Emre Ayranci chatting with IEEE-MGA 
Chair Timothy Wong before a YP networking session. (Photo courtesy of Timothy Wong.)