JSSC Submission - Information for Authors


ScholarOne web based submission and review

The JSSC has moved to web-based ScholarOne system for the submission and review of manuscripts. ScholarOne makes it easier and more efficient for authors, reviewers and editors. The JSSC ScholarOne site is http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/jssc-ieee


The IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits is published monthly. Contributed papers may be of a tutorial or research nature, but the latter must be original and must not duplicate descriptions or derivations available elsewhere. This JOURNAL publishes papers of broad interest in the area of solid-state circuits. It provides a device coverage in the areas of central importance to circuits and systems coverage in areas contiguous with circuit considerations. The subject matter should therefore relate to the analysis, design, and performance of solid-state circuits that may contain combinations of transistors, diodes, bulk-effect devices, and magnetic devices, etc. The circuits may be digital, analog, microwave, or optoelectronic in nature: integrated circuits and large scale integration are of principal interest.

Submission of a manuscript manifests the fact that it has received proper clearance from the author's company or institution, that it has not been copyrighted, published, submitted or accepted for publication elsewhere, and that it will not be submitted elsewhere while under consideration. The manuscript text should not contain any commercial references, such as company names, university names, trademarks, commercial acronyms, or part numbers.


Regular papers, 7 to 15 double-spaced typeset pages in length, not including references. In addition, there can be up to 10, 8 1/2" by 11" pages of figures. These limits on length are enforced.

Short Regular papers, 4 to 6 double-spaced typeset page in length, not including references. In addition, there can be up to 3 papers of figures. These limits on length are enforced. 

Style for Manuscript

1.    The manuscript should be typeset using double spacing; use single-column format; use 12 point font, 1 inch margins, and no more than 25 lines of text per page. 

2.    A carefully worded abstract of from 100 to 200 words for papers and less than 50 words for correspondence. Name, address, and telephone number of author(s) should appear with the abstract.

3.    The style for organization of a paper, abbreviations, etc., can be determined from previous issues of this Journal. ....or email to trans@ieee.org

4.    References should appear in a separate bibliography at the end of the paper. References should be complete and in IEEE style. Style for papers: Author (with initials first), title, journal title, volume number, inclusive page number, month, year. Style for books: Author, title, location, publisher, year, page or chapter number (if desired).

5.    Figure captions should be provided also on a separate sheet.


All manuscripts should be submitted through the ScholarOne web site ((http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/jssc-ieee). Submit the manuscript for review, including text, references, figures and the table of figures, as a single pdf file.

A detailed ScholarOne tutorial for JSSC authors can be found HERE

All related prior publications and related current submissions should be fully declared. Furthermore, authors should inform the Editor-in-Chief of any related submissions made while their JSSC submission is in review.

Review Process

The review process usually requires about three months. The author is then notified of the decision of the Editor or Associate Editor based on reviewer recommendations. The authors may be asked to modify the manuscript if it is not accepted, or rejected in its original form. The elapsed time between receipt of a manuscript and publication is usually about 12 months.

Final Copy of Accepted Manuscripts

If a manuscript is accepted for publication then the authors should submit all final files through the Awaiting Final Files queue in the ScholarOne Author Center. The following should be uploaded in a single zip file: 

1) The manuscript should be in MSWORD or LaTeX format and include:

- abstract,

- list of keywords,

- main text body,

- list of figures and tables (number and caption)

- a source file for the references

Failure to submit a source file may result in publishing delays.

2) Figures and tables must be in separate files, in either PostScript, EPS, or TIFF format. We do NOT accept png or jpeg files for figures. Please note that tables are treated as figures.

3) Authors’ biographies (LateX or MS Word) and photographs (photographs may be in JPG format, must be 300dpi in print)

4) All of the above in high-quality PDF format (needed for verification)

5) A pdf or MS Word file that lists the postal mail address of all the authors.

Upload all this as a single zip file under the File Designation of "Main Document".
Make sure that all files have unique file names in order for them to export successfully to IEEE.
Use the ScholarOne file designation of "Main Document"

Page Charges

After a manuscript has been accepted for publication, the author's company or institution will be requested to pay a charge of $110 per printed page to cover part of the cost of publication. Page charges for this IEEE journal, like those for journals of other professional societies, are not obligatory, nor is their payment a prerequisite for publication. The author will receive 100 free reprints without covers if the charge is honored. Detailed instructions will accompany the galley proof.

Open Access

All IEEE publications are moving to a hybrid journal model.  The JSSC is now a hybrid journal allowing either:

  • Traditional publication.

  • NEW Open Access (author-pays OA) publication at the discounted rate of $1,950 per article.

The submitting author selects one of these options during the ScholarOne submission process.

The OA option, if selected, enables unrestricted public access to the article via IEEE Xplore.  The OA option will be offered to the author at the time the manuscript is accepted for publication.  If selected, the OA fee must be paid before the article is published in the journal.

The traditional option, if selected, enables access to all qualified subscribers and purchasers via IEEE Xplore.  No OA payment is required.

The IEEE peer review standard of excellence is applied consistently to all submissions. All accepted articles will be included in the print issue mailed to subscribers.

For any questions regarding IEEE’s Open Access policy, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions on Open Access http://www.ieee.org/documents/ieee_open_access_faq_2011.pdf



IEEE owns copyright to the technical contributions it publishes. To comply with the U.S. Copyright Law, authors are required to sign an IEEE copyright transfer form. Authors can sign and  submit an electronic version of the copyright form while submitting their manuscript through ScholarOne.