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In an effort to increase member benefits, SSCS has created the SSCS Resource Center. This informational hib will house technical information such as past webinar videos and slides, ISSCC tutorials and short courses, and more. The top 5 downloaded products on the SSCS Resource Center are: ISSCC 2015 Tutorial: High Speed Current Steering DACs, Presented by Jan Mulder; Webinar: Trends in Broadband Converters, Presented by David H. Robertson; ISSCC 2006 Short Course: Piplelined A/D Converters, Presented by Bang-Sup Song; Webinar: Enabling and Exploiting Machine Learning in Ultra-low-power Devices by Naveen Verma; Webinar: The X Files, Sheerluck Ohms, and the 33dB Solution by Paul Brokaw. 

Feature Article

Upcoming Webinar - LED-Based Visible Light Communication Systems - Driver SoC Design and Practical Applications 


The SSCS webinar series continues with "LED-Based Visible Light Communication Systems - Driver SoC Design and Practical Applications" Presented by Professor Patrick Yue. The webinar will be held on Thursday, July 20th at 11:00 AM ET. The abstract for the talk can be found here. This webinar was pre-recorded. Prof. Yue will be available during and after the presentation to answer any questions regarding content, formulas, or theories during the webinar. To register, please click here. Professional Development Hours (PDH) will be given for this webinar.

Technology Spotlight

SSCS Members Receive Honorable Awards 




SSCS President-Elect Bram Nauta is now a member of the Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences. Congratulations to Bram Nauta on this great honor!  Ian Young, Editor in Chief of Journal on Exploratory Solid-State Computational Devices and Circuits (JxCDC) has received the IEEE Frederik Philips Award.