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2009 February Motions

8 Feburary 2009 AdCom

IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society Administrative Committee
Motions and attachments from meeting Tuesday 8-Feb-2009 at the San Francisco Marriott Hotel

Decisions voted on 8-Feb-2009

Attachments below

Motion 1: To approve the minutes of the SSCS AdCom of August 19, 2008. The motion passed.

Motion 2: To approve the members of the nominating committee; Tadahiro Kuroda, Steve Lewis, Bram Nauta, and Charles Sodini, submitted by chair Dick Jaeger. The motion passed.

Motion 3: To approve the February 2009 Treasurer’s report. The motion passed.

Motion 4: For SSCS to remove Technical Co-Sponsorship for the VLSI India conference, and to add Technical Co-Sponsorship of the RFIT Singapore conference. The motion passed.

Motion 5: For incorporating back issues of the ESSCIRC conference proceedings into IEEE Xplore, up to $7K cost. The motion passed.

Motion 6: To suspend the production of additional DVD archive continuations for two years and to seek feedback from SSCS Chapters on the value of future archive options. The motion passed.

Motion 7: To approve the appointment of Dr. Masao Fukuma of NEC Corporation as A-SSCC Technical Program Committee Chair for 2010. The motion passed.

Motion 8: To approve the appointment of Wanda Gass as Technical Program Chair to ISSCC.

Motion 9: To approve the advance of $60K for the CICC 2010 2009 conference. The motion passed.

Motion 10: To approve the advance of $700K for the ISSCC 2010 conference. The motion passed.

Motion 11: To approve the JSSC page budget for 2010 to be 3,100 pages. The motion passed.

Motion 12: To approve the SSCS Magazine page budget for 2010 to be 340 pages. The motion passed.

Motion 13: To discontinue the SSCS mailing subsidy for the IEEE Nanotechnology magazine as of 2010. The motion passed.

Motion 14: To continue SSCS participation in the IEEE Nanotechnology Council. The motion passed.

Motion 15: To approve $15K funding for the SSCS Distinguished Lecturers tour and to support the development of two new Expert Now modules at a cost of $20K per module, for a total of $55K in education funding. The motion passed.

Motion 16: For SSCS to join the IEEE RFID council for two years at a cost of $5K per year. The motion passed.

CORRECTION NOTE: There is no IEEE RFID Council, only an IEEE Technical Committee on RFID.

Note: The remaining linked information will require a secure authentication.



Technical Activities Board Report Willy Sansen

Proposed changes to Governance docuements Dick Jaeger

Constitution, Bylaws

Nominations Dick Jaeger

Finances Rakesh Kumar

Conferences Bill Bidermann

RFIT Yong Ping XU

ISSCC 2009 Tim Tredwell

ISSCC 2010 Anantha Chandrakasan

VLSI Symposium on Circuits David Scott

CICC Henry Chang


Publications Glenn Gulak

JSSC Bram Nauta

SSCS New Website Anne O'Neill

Distinguished Lectures and Expert Now Ken Yang

Chapters Jan Van der Spiegel

Graduates of the Last Decade, Rakesh Kumar

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Council on: Nanotechnology Ian Young

Council on: Biometrics Wanda Gass

Council on: Electronic Design Automation Byran Ackland

Council on : Sensors Darrin Young

Awards John Corcoran

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