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19 August 2008 AdCom

IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society Administrative Committee

Motions and attachments from meeting Tuesday 19-Aug-2008 at the San Francisco Marriott Hotel

Decisions voted on 19-Aug-2008

Motion 1: To approve the AdCom minutes of 10 September 2007. The motion passed.

Motion 2: To approve ISSCC using the SSC member mailing list for the four IEEE FE areas hosting pilot satellite ISSCC conferences. The motion passed.

Motion 3: To advance $40K for the VLSI Circuits Conference 2009. The motion passed.

Motion 4: To approve the plan, budget, page Count and Advisory Committee structure for the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Magazine with quarterly publication beginning in Q1 2009. The motion passed.

Motion 5: To continue participating as a society member of the Nanotechnology Council, but to stop sending the Nanotechnology Magazine to SSCS members after our present commitment is met and the stoppage has been announced. The motion passed.

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