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2009 August motions

17 August 2009 AdCom

IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society Administrative Committee
Motions and attachments from meeting Monday 17-Aug-2009 at the Boston Marriott Cambridge Hotel.

Decisions voted on 17-Aug-2009

Attachments below

Motion 1: To spend as in the existing SSCS budget $32K for the audio capture of the ISSCC 2010 sessions. The motion passed.

Motion 2: To approve an advance of $40K for the Symposium on VLSI Circuits (2010). The motion passed.

Motion 3: To establish an Ad-Hoc committee to provide recommendations for creating a multi-society proposal for an RFIC Compendium in IEEE Xplore. The motion passed.

Motion 4: To approve the nomination of Bernhard Boser for SSCS President (2010-2011) as recommended by the Nominating Committee. The motion passed.

Motion 5: To approve the nomination of Rakesh Kumar for SSCS Vice-President (2010-2011) as recommended by the Nominating Committee. The motion passed.

Motion 6: To accept the resignation of Jan Sevenhans from the AdCom and to approve the appointment of Tohru Furuyama to fill out his term to the end of December 2010, as recommended by SSCS President Willy Sansen. The motion passed.


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MINUTES (518kb)


  1. Highlights from POCO - Willy Sansen
  2. Highlights from TAB -Rakesh Kumar
  3. Treasurer's Report -Rakesh Kumar
  4. Education Report - Ken Yang
  5. Meetings Committee Reports - Bill Bidermann
  6. Chapters Report - Jan van der Spiegel
  7. Publications Report - Glenn Gulak
    • Magazine status (no slides) Mary Lanzerotti
    • JSSC Report - Bram Nauta
  8. Engineering Technology Management Council Report -Rakesh Kumar
  9. Nanotechnology Council Report - Ian Young
  10. Electronic Design Automation Council Report - Brian Ackland
  11. Awards Report - John Corcoran
  12. Nominations Committee Report - Dick Jaeger
  13. Motions from the floor: ISSCC Capture and Filling out AdCom terms - Dick Jaeger

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