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The SSCS Chapters Program Mission

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  • To deliver¬† cutting-edge technical information and professional sustenance on a global scale, person-to-person, at the grass roots level
  • ¬†To foster Young Professional careers
  • To honor and publicize¬† ground-breaking achievements
  • To serve as¬† a multi-generational meeting place for mentoring and being mentored To open doors to local, regional, and global IC community service.

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The IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society supports nearly 85 grass-roots chapters to serve the professional and technical needs of IC designers all over the world.

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SSCS-Taipei was presented with the Society‚Äôs first Best Chapter Project Award to recognize and celebrate its astonishing high school textbook project‚ÄĒcoordinated¬† in 2010-2011 by faculty at what school s in cooperation with local high school science departments,¬† and entirely written in Chinese by high schoolers¬† -- that resulted in the country-wide distribution of the first such text for students at that level.