SSCS Committees and Membership



The SSCS Award's Committee ensures that members get proper recognition for their achievements. Each year, it encourages and reviews nominations of SSCS members for the grade of fellow, and also annually recognizes a number of outstanding PhD students in the field of Solid-State Circuits through the SSCS Predoctoral Achievement Award. If you have any questions, please contact the SSCS Awards Chair. 




CHAIR: John J. Corcoran

Committee Members: 


The Chapters are the heart of the society that organize local educational and professional development events for our members, as well as attracting new members. We strive a vibrant networking community for our members that provides them with learning opportunities and recognizes their accomplishments. 



CHAIR: Stefan Rusu

 Committee Members:

Education/Distinguished Lecturer Program

Education Committee is committed to providing quality education to the SSCS members through its webinars, online tutorials, and its distinguished lecture (DL) program. In particilar, the DL program identifies and enables experts in the Society to give lectures and tutorial at regional chapter meetings. These lectures and tutorials are open to all SSCC members free of charge.


CHAIR: Ali Sheikholeslami


CHAIR: Bill Bowhill

 Committee Members:



The core mission of the SSCS Membership Committee is to maximize our members benefits by offering a board range of activities to cultivate the dissemination and exchange of the technical knowledge in the field of IC design. To nurture and maintain a vibrant community spirit and social network, this Committee is constantly exploring new approaches and platforms to improve our members experience. Last but not least, the membership committee is keen on promoting the recognition of our members accomplishment and their loyalty. If you have new ideas and suggestions on how to improve our membership, do not hesitate to contact the Membership Committee Chair.



CHAIR: Patrick Yue

 Committee Members:



Nominations Committee has responsibility for proposing a slate of candidates for election to the AdCom each year, replacing one third of the body.    Each Fall, the Society will be presented with a geographically diverse slate of at least 8 candidates for the 5 retiring representatives.  Members can submit their name for consideration or will be placed on the ballot by petition containing 2% of the membership of the society (~200 signatures would be required).  Persons interested in serving on Adcom should contact the Committee Chair or Executive Director to be considered.   The Nominations Committee is also responsible for presenting candidates for Vice President and President of the Society which is voted on by the Adcom. 

Key Timetables in Society Elections

Nominations for Adcom received by the Society Executive Director – End of February 

Nominations Committee selects slate – End of April

SSCS-wide election – Fall

SSCS Officers election – last Adcom Meeting of the year



CHAIR: Bill Bidermann

Committee Members: 




The IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society publishes peer-reviewed technical journals, magazines, curated web-based content, books, and conference publications, in addition to online seminars and courses, conferences, career development services, and networking opportunities. The IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society publications are led and governed by the Publications Committee, which oversees each publishing line and reports to the SSCS Adcom.


The SSCS Publications Committee monitors and advises the Solid-State Circuits Society on sponsored periodicals and publications, both soft and hardcopy. The objectives of the Committee are to: monitor quality and timeliness, provide suggestions for improvements, consider new initiatives for dissemination of technical content to SSCS members and the technical community, ensure that SSCS-sponsored publications meet the policies and procedures for IEEE periodicals, conduct a financial 'health check' periodically, and make recommendations for changes, if required. The Committee also identifies overlapping fields of interest and assists the SSCS in resolving any disagreements regarding other IEEE periodicals. Important developments in IEEE publication policies that may impact the Society and its sponsored periodicals are monitored and reported to the SSCS Adcom.

CHAIR: John Long

 Committee Members:



Women in Circuits

 The Women in Circuits (WiC) committee goal is to increase female recruitment, retention and advancement in SSCS. The WiC committee hosts networking events at worldwide SSCS conferences promoting mentoring, work/life balance, negotiation and interacting with successful women.  The WiC committee also supports women’s events at the local SSCS chapters and provide more leadership opportunities for women through increasing women participation in journal editing and technical program committee members.
CHAIR: Alice Wang 


Other Representatives:

  Bram Nauta- Region 8 Representative
  Ali Sheikholeslami- Region 7 Representative
  Hideto Hidaka- Regeion 10 Representative
  Shanthi Pavan- Rep. to CASS from SSCS
  Andrei Vladimirescu- Rep. to SSCS from CASS
  Emre Ayranci - Young Professionals Rep
  Jeffrey S. Walling - RFID Council
  Darrin Young -  Sensors Council
  Mike BeunderEngineering Technology Management Council
  Bryan Ackland - EDA Council
  Ian Young  - Nanotechnology Council
  Bruce Hecht - Biometrics Council
  Vivek Tiwari - EDA Council

Anantha Chandrakasan - ISSCC 

  Makoto Ikeda - A-SSCS 
  Ramesh Hirjani - CICC Rep
  Ingrid Verbauwhede - WiE Rep 
  Andreia Cathelin - IoT (Internet of Things) Rep
  Aarno Parssinen - 5G Committee 
  Earl McCune - Green-ICT Committee
  Jan Craninckx - JSSC EiC
  Ian Young - JxCDC EiC
  Rakesh Kumar - Magazine Advisory Board Chair
  Willy Sansen- Past President 
  Dick Jaeger- Past President 
  Dave Hodges- Past President 
  Lew Terman- Past President
  Bruce Wooley- Past President