SSCS Outstanding Chapter Award

Presented annually to a chapter that has consistently shown outstanding leadership and initiative in organizing activities, the SSCS Outstanding Chapter Award is based on programs from 1 July in a given year to 30 June of the following year and is presented during the week of the ISSCC.  The award consists of a check for $1,000, to be used for chapter activities, and a Certificate of Recognition. For application information, please click here

The selection of the "Outstanding Chapter Award," managed by the SSCS Chapters Committee, is based on:

  • the quality and quantity of activities and programs sponsored by the chapter
  • the accrual of practical benefits for local chapter members
  • demonstrations of successful outreach programs to the professional community
  • growth of chapter membership


A chapter is eligible to be considered for the Outstanding Chapter Award once every three years, excluding the year in which it last was chosen for this distinction. So a group that was deemed best in 2012 would be eligible for reconsideration in 2016.

One award is granted each year, although the Chapters Committee may recommend two awards in an exceptional year or forgo the presentation of an award if no qualified candidate is available.

Nominations for the Outstanding Chapter Award can be made by any SSCS AdCom or Chapter committee member, following the How To Apply instructions on this website.

The Chapters committee reviews and rank-orders all nominations based on the criteria above.

Nominations must be received by Friday, January 27, 2017.. 


 2016 Best Chapter - IEEE ED/MTT/SSC Penang Joint Chapter 

 penang  MG 4090jpgs
Wong Peng Wen, IEEE ED/MTT/SSC Penang Joint Chapter Chair  Stefan Rusu (left), SSCS Chapter Chair accepts the 2016 Best Chapter Award on behalf of the IEEE ED/MTT/SSC Penang Joint Chapter at ISSCC. The award was presented by Jan Van der Spiegel (right), SSCS President 



Past Recepients 

best chpt

SSCS - Benelux (2015)

 Atlanta Best Chapter 2014 picture presented in 2015

SSCS - Atlanta (2014) 

  delhi best chapter 2013 at isscc mg 4944sm tif

SSCS - Delhi (2013) 

 rsz mg 4850 from laura courtesy of isscc sm

SSCS - Macau (2012)

rsz ctx with award at isscc slidectx1

SSCS - Central Texas (2011) 

 rsz gm tech day 2012 slidegm3

SSCS - Green Mountain (2011)

rsz chapter social event at bottle tree 0184 sm

SSCS - Singapore (2010)

SSCS - UK-Ireland (2009)  SSCS- Seoul/Taipei (2008)
SSCS - Montreal (2007) No Award (2006)
SSCS - Denver (2005) SSCS - Santa Clara Valley (2004)
SSCS - Bangalore (2003) SSCS - Taipei (2002) 
SSCS - Seoul (2001) SSCS - Japan (2000)